Most memorable ‘way to reveal the honeymoon destination’

Monday’s can be a bit dull sometimes can’t they? So I thought I’d start a brand new series of weekly blog posts called ‘Memorable Monday’ to help brighten the day.

Each post will share one wedding photography moment that is particularly memorable to us. And will be posted on a Monday. Obviously.

First up is one of our most memorable wedding photography moments of all time: the moment Michelle found out where she and Gavin would be going for their honeymoon.

It was a series of moments actually. Moments that we felt very honoured to share in.

Gavin had planned his and Michelle’s honeymoon as a surprise. No-one but Gavin knew where it would be.

At the end of the speeches Gavin stood up to say a few final words. No-one knew what wonderful and precious memories were about to unfold.

Michelle stood to join Gavin as he explained that on each table was an envelope that she had to find and open. Each one would reveal something about the honeymoon.

With much excitement Michelle opened the first envelope, with all the guests watching on in anticipation. A gasp, scream and tears of joy came in very quick succession as the first envelope was opened and the destination revealed. Hollywood.

And so Michelle made her way around the Catesby barn at Dodmoor House, with each table and envelope unveiling somewhere else in the USA and resulting in more gasps and tears. I didn’t think it was possible for Michelle to express any emotion more intensely than the last. But the gasps and tears seemed to keep getting bigger.

It was probably only about 5 or 10 minutes but being so emotionally charged it seemed to last much longer. And as a wedding photographer these are moments that will stay with me for a very long time.

I don’t remember all the actual places but they included Pearl Harbour, Hollywood and Hawaii. I really think their honeymoon could have been absolutely anywhere. As long as she was with Gavin, that was all Michelle needed.

All power to Michelle for trusting her beau to plan their honeymoon. I personally couldn’t relinquish control on this one when hubs and I got married but having seen the surprise, delight and sheer excitement on Michelle’s face and Gavin’s enjoyment as he saw his new wife so happy, well, that would make it worthwhile in itself.

On chatting about it with Gavin and Michelle when they visited to see their wedding photos, Gavin’s words were “I don’t think it could have gone any better really!” And it really couldn’t.

What do you think about surprise honeymoons? Did you or could you do it? Let us know in the comments below ♥

2 responses to “Most memorable ‘way to reveal the honeymoon destination’

  1. Thank you so much for featuring this – it really brightened up a miserable Monday. You actually had me welling up again at the memories! xxx

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