Most memorable transport

I love how a couple’s choice of transport can bring so much fun to a wedding. It’s always a talking point.

We’ve seen lots of beautiful vintage wedding cars. A very cool DB9. A Bride arriving by punt in Cambridge. A helicopter. A horse and carriage. It’s really hard to choose but I think Colin and Sarah’s choice of a kit car wins ‘most memorable’!

Sarah had always refused to go in Colin’s kit car but decided it seemed like a good idea for her wedding day! Climbing in was tricky in a wedding dress but I think that was the whole point!


This is a fast little motor (understatement!) and being open top Sarah wisely wrapped up in a headscarf and sunnies. She looked quite the filmstar! Her expression (and scream) as Colin pulled away, with all the force of  a rollercoaster, was hilarious.


Needless to say they made it back to the reception well ahead of everyone else!



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