Boughton House Wedding Brochure Shoot

Country house wedding photography is very much our thing and Boughton House in Northamptonshire is a gem that has intrigued me every time I drive past by on the A43. But (until now) they haven’t offered weddings so I only ever imagined how wonderful it would be. How excited do you think I was to get a call from the team at Boughton House asking if I would create some images for a wedding brochure for them. Try really very incredibly excited!


Boughton House has literally just started offering weddings so they had no photographs to use to promote themselves. Our signature style is to show off venues at their best so were thrilled to be asked to work with them. It was a lot of work to plan the shoot and pull the team together. A bit like organising a wedding in itself! We shot over two days; it was exhausting but so so much fun.

Just *look* at this venue…


The Great Hall will be available for civil wedding ceremonies. It’s a very grand space with lots of natural light, but cosy too. Even a fisheye lens isn’t quite wide enough to show the entire glory of the room!


You could spend all day creating photos on this staircase and not get bored…


The Colonnade will be available for outdoor civil ceremonies. It’s just perfect being covered because you can still have your outdoor ceremony even if it rains…

A big big mahoosive thank you goes out to everyone who helped make this shoot happen. Couldn’t have done it without you all xx


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    1. Thanks Victoria! I concur – I think it’s really unique in the area with the very grand civil ceremony settings and the option for an outdoor ceremony as well. Can’t wait to work there again :)

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