10 reasons to love a wet wedding

July 19, 2012

When I first started working as a wedding photographer I followed the weather forecasts like it was going out of fashion. Now, not so much.

My couples have taught me that rain doesn’t have to spoil your wedding day and experience has taught me that wet weddings bring a whole new set of creative opportunities. A rainy day doesn’t mean you can’t get great wedding photographs.

Sometimes I want it to rain. There, I said it.


10 reasons you should smile if it rains on your wedding day…

1.  Showing off your Jimmy Choos


2. Brightly coloured umbrellas


3. Creative photo opportunities


4. Dramatic skies


5. Rainbows


6. Everyone looking after you


7. Everything green is greener


8. Your guests laughing as they hurry and dodge the puddles only to be caught doing so by a photographer


9. Reflections in puddles


10. Staying dry … while your wedding photographer gets soaked


Think of rain as an opportunity. A chance to get photos you wouldn’t otherwise have. We’ll find a way to make it beautiful. And I’ll even get wet for you!


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