The 10×10″ fine art wedding book

This is the fine art wedding book.

It’s every inch the timeless heirloom on the outside.

And it’s super special inside too… Your photos are printed directly onto the page which creates a clean contemporary twist.

But the big thing about these books is the combination of smooth matt paper and fine art printing, which gives a beautiful look that’s very different from a photographic print. And it’s the kind of paper you want to feel – so much so that every book comes with a ‘stroke swatch’ so you can spare it from dirty marks!

Plus, the print quality is something else. Your pictures will have crystal-clear clarity and amazing vivid colours. 

Fine art features

The fine art wedding book comes in two sizes (10×10″ and 12×12″) and this is the 10-inch version.

But don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s the small one.

Because the book lays flat when you open it, giving you a large 20×10″ page. And because it lays flat, the book is easy to look through without holding bouncy pages in place.

You can choose from two page thicknesses – 400 or 600gsm. This is the thicker version – which makes for a chunkier, but no less chic, book.

The centre crease is super subtle which means you can print right across the page and make the most of every inch of space.

And you’ll have an adventure customising your cover – the endless options for cover materials and personalisation make it like soft-furnishing shopping!

Fine art book design

The layouts are designed from scratch. There are no templates. Because every wedding – and every set of photos – is unique.

Here’s Beth & Jon’s complete design…

(Each image below is two pages side by side – as if you were looking at the album open in front of you.)

Interested in a fine art book?

They’re available to all couples – whether I photographed your wedding or not – because everyone deserves to enjoy their photos printed and beautifully presented.

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