A general guide to generally good (and gorgeous) wedding ideas

Looking for ways to be green, show gratitude, or make your guests grin? 

Grab a cuppa. This one’s for you…

Now, I know better than to tell you what to do, give you my opinion, or talk you into something that isn’t you. But I also know other couples’ weddings are a great source of ideas. And sometimes, seeing what somebody else did sparks a new idea of your own. And handily, I have plenty of photos to help with that! 

So, with kind permission from my past couples, I dived messy bun first into my (very extensive) photo archives, in search of the best wedding ideas I’ve seen on my photography travels.

Ready? Let’s go!

Wedding ideas for relaxed romantics

Trying to find a favour that’ll be appreciated? Take it literally and gift your guests with your time. Russell & Laura combined chocolates and cute cards to pledge an hour of their time. You could even take it a step further and offer something specific you know each person would like; perhaps a dog walk, a week’s ironing, take their kids to the cinema… 

Providing a free bar? Encourage your guests to give back by asking for a charity donation in lieu of free drinks. All you need is a simple sign and something to put the money in.

After an alternative to confetti? Gather fallen autumn leaves, pop Bridgerton on the telly, and hole punch away! Colourful, creative and you can throw it in the church grounds.

Going for gold with sweet treats? Doughnuts win the race. Every. Time.

Looking for a way to thank some special peeps? Pop a card by their dinner place setting with a message to take the table flowers home. (Just make sure they leave your florist or stylist’s vases and vessels behind!)

Got all the saucepans, towels, and wooden spoons you need? Suggest charity donations instead of a wedding gift list. Or what about a menagerie of animal adoptions?!

Want to liven up the atmosphere ready for the evening? Take a leaf out of Jake & Adele’s wedding planner and get everyone interacting with ‘Wedding Guest Bingo’. Guests are given a blank bingo sheet and directed to fill it out with the name of someone from each table who they don’t already know. Then someone with a loud voice (maybe your best man) pulls all your guests’ names out of a hat, one at a time, and everyone ticks off the people on their sheet as the names are called out. The first guest to cross off every name on their sheet wins a prize. (Hint: ask your toastmaster to hide your table plan before the game starts to prevent cheating!)

Don’t want to dance cringe like everyone’s watching? Think about your interests and do something that’s more you, like Alex and Alex who did a ‘first roll’.

Keen to include all the family? Dogs at weddings are always a good idea.

Eager to entertain your guests during the drinks reception? Appeal to the child in everyone with garden games. It might be the kids that start it off but, believe me, it won’t be long before everyone plays.

Want all your guests to say it was the best wedding they’ve ever been to? Even your hard-to-impress Great Aunt Maggie? Surprise ice cream. But not just any ice cream. Make it a magnum.

Got time for another cuppa?

Pop the kettle on then, grab some biscuits, and check out more wedding planning ideas and inspiration.