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Haven’t I seen you somewhere before?

Don’t worry, I know that's not a cheesy pick-up line. (Although, if we’re comparing notes, my fave is: Do you know what my shirt is made of? Husband material!) In fact, I’m pleased as punch that you might have seen my work before.

Because even after nearly fifteen years as a wedding photographer, seeing my photos printed in the press never gets old. There's nothing more exciting than hearing the thud of a wedding magazine landing on the doormat, then flicking at top-speed to the right page to find my photos; or the ping of an email arriving with a new feature inside, then praying that the village internet works quickly enough to take me straight to the link.

I’m beyond grateful for every piece of media coverage, big and small, and my amazing clients who let me loose on their gorgeous weddings and events. Because whilst it’s my photography, the photos wouldn’t be anything without the lovely people, pretty places and sensational styling I’ve had the honour of capturing.

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Modelling agencies take note: These beautiful SVP clients have already been made famous!

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Real-life wedding featuresOnline and print features showcasing real-life weddings I’ve captured

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From styled model shoots through to guest blog posts (and a feature from the legend that is Martha Stewart!), these are the peeps and publications gushing about my photographs

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