The SVP team

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My SVP motto is simple:Surround yourself with people who make you look good

When it comes to sharing a bag of giant chocolate buttons with my husband, I’m accommodating (… occasionally).

But when it comes to the quality of my business and the best interests of my clients? I won’t compromise.

My clients are incredible – and they (you!) deserve the very best.

Which is why I only work with the cream of the crop. My team represents and reflects the SVP ethos in every way: To bend over backwards (sometimes literally) to deliver amazing wedding photography in a calm and caring way.


Who's who at SVP?

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The SVP Second ShootersAka: My partners in photography fun!

I work with a team of amazing, highly experienced pros who are absolute masterminds at their craft. Despite the title, they come far from second.


I trust my second shooters to make me (and you!) look good.

And if I trust them, you absolutely can, because I have unapologetic control issues and impossibly high standards.

Here are some other things you can bet your buttercream frosting on:

My camera crew all...

  • Have a similar personality to me (friendly, calm and caring)
  • Share my standards and values. So if you like what I stand for, you’ll like them too
  • Complement my photography style like curry sauce complements chips
  • Outdo me with their extreme talent

The SVP Picture EditorAka: My photo retouching superhero

I first met Marko while I was on a training course in 2008


I was a fledgling wedding photographer, and Marko was one of my greatest inspirations. After admiring Marko’s work from afar, I began working with him on and off for a few years before happily using him exclusively as my editing superhero.

Today, not only does he save my sanity and make my photos look magical, but he also gifts my photos with the effortlessly natural look I’m known for. And, trust me, creating it is anything but effortless.

The heart and fur of SVPAka: Daisy and Poppy

I’m nothing without these two lovely ladies

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Head of Security

Daisy, Head of Security at Sarah Vivienne Photography

When she’s not shredding paper as it comes out of the printer or asleep on my feet while I’m at my desk, Daisy is taking her role as Head of Security very seriously by barking at the phone (if you call, I apologise now for the noise!) and intimidating the postman.


Chief Morale Officer

Things are just so much better when Poppy’s around. Her office is located on the nearest sofa and her duties include but are not limited to: snoring in an adorable manner, grade A cuddles, lap-warming and napping for Britain. She’s all ears if you need a chat.

Poppy, Chief Morale Officer at Sarah Vivienne Photography
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