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Got your exclusive access-all-areas pass? Invisibility cape on?

Excellent! Come join me while I take you behind the SVP scenes and reveal real-life stories, moments, magic and madness of the life of a wedding photographer.

The unfiltered reality

What it’s really like shooting a wedding.

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Ever wished you could read your wedding photographer’s mind on your wedding day? Now you can! In this series, I dish up exactly what’s going through my mind – including my inner worries, fears and secrets - when I photograph a wedding (Spoiler: It’s DEFINITELY not what you think it is!)

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The real life The truth about the wonderful world of wedding photography.

Want to know what the hardest thing to photograph is? How I keep the group photos under control when chaos erupts? And what’s really inside my camera bag? (You won’t be able to guess at least three of the items.) Settle in and get comfy while I serve up the secret life of a wedding photographer.

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The memorable moments

The magical moments I’ve been blessed with.

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I’m exceptionally lucky (and wholeheartedly grateful). As a photographer, I get to travel the world, experience amazing destinations, make connections with wonderful people and have a front-row seat to witness adventure, love, family and emotion in their most powerful forms. These are just some of the moments that hold a special place in my heart.

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The making of A peek into how I captured some of my fave photos.

There’s a story behind every single photo I take, from unrepeatable moments in time to unexpected locations and weird camera positions. Come and experience the magic-making for yourself in this special series. 

The transformations

How my SVP photo editor spends their precious time with your photos.

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Want to know the weirdest thing we’ve been asked to do? How about the ONE touch-up every single client receives? Help yourself to an exclusive, first-hand look at the SVP photo transformation process. I even challenge you to a game of spot the difference in some ‘before’ and ‘ta-daaaah!’ pics.

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The photographers caught on camera A special gallery of *very rare* photos of your photographers.

I’m always the one behind the camera. But, thanks to my (super but very sneaky) second shooters, I often find myself staring back at my face on a computer screen when I download and review photos from a wedding. Here’s a collection of me and my team (including crowd faves Daisy and Poppy!) doing our thing.

Is there something else you’re bursting to know more about?

I’m all ears! Tell me what’s on your mind and I’ll include it in a future behind the scenes post.

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