Alex & Emily’s summer wedding at Dodford Manor

Alex and Emily’s wedding took me back to Dodford Manor; exactly a year after I was last there for Fred & Sasha’s wedding. It was another fabulously relaxed and fun day; full of sunflowers and uncontrollable smiles.

About Alex & Emily

Alex didn’t think he’d ever get married. Then he met Emily. His ray of sunshine. They’re a perfectly matched, laid back but lively couple who like nothing more than to be together and brighten each other’s lives with smiles and thoughtfulness. They’re a playful, live in the moment kind of couple. They’re the couple who spend their honeymoon exploring temples and learning to surf. They’re the couple who giggle together when the wind tries to escape with the veil. They’re the couple you can’t help but have fun with. You fall in love with their personalities but it’s their caring, thoughtful natures that make you want to stick around. They have strong family values and considered everyone else’s enjoyment of their day as important as their own. Working with Alex and Emily was everything that’s good about weddings. They soaked up every ray of sunshine and revelled in every moment.

Alex and Emily planned their wedding impeccably and commissioned a great team of suppliers that they could leave to do their thing while they concentrated on enjoying themselves. Right from the start, they knew exactly what they wanted from their wedding photography – relaxed documentary photos that captured the fun. Family is important to them so they also wanted to take the opportunity to have some group photos. Alex’s family had travelled from Canada so it was a rare chance for them.

One of Alex and Emily’s favourite things about Dodford Manor was the countryside. So we took advantage of the softer evening sunlight and their ‘in for a penny, in for a pound’ attitude to life and took a walk, carefully tip-toeing over cattle grids, to get some portraits which showed off the views. They were great sports and I was more than happy to indulge their request to go into the long grass!

 Alex & Emily’s wedding style

Exuberant sunflowers, bold limes and bright, playful colours pretty much sum up Alex & Emily’s zest for life. It was the perfect choice for them. The vibrant colours looked amazing against the bright blue skies and warm brick of the barns. The flowers had a slightly rustic feel but were arranged so elegantly, as always, by Julie Anna Flowers. Alex and Emily cleverly doubled up their florals by using their ceremony flowers as their dinner decor. Scale and mass really do make a difference when it comes to flowers.

Alex & Emily’s wedding photography

My day started photographing Emily and her bridesmaids getting ready while Abby photographed Alex and his Groomsmen trying to work out out how to tie cravats and figure out the fine art of pinning button-holes…

Both Emily and Alex were ready on time, a rare thing indeed, which set them up in a great mood for the rest of the day. For the photography, this meant that Abby and I had plenty of time to get shots of their guests arriving and eagerly waiting for the ceremony. It’s a part of the day which so often has to be rushed photographically, sometimes even missed, when the preparations take longer than expected.

A moment to savour, enjoy and just go large…

The courtyard at Dodford Manor is a great space for a drinks reception. What could be better than enjoying champagne and great company surrounded by sunshine, blue skies, beautiful views of the countryside and sheep baa’ing as if they’re also enjoying the wedding?

The fun continued into dinner with a magician circulating before the meal, selfie props and a guest on each table donning a chef’s hat to carve the roast…

Alex and Emily saved their cake cutting until just before their first dance, so that their evening guests could see it. That’s them; always thinking of others.

Tips for couples planning a similar wedding

  1. Think about how your guests will experience your wedding. What will they be doing? Are there parts of the day that might feel flat? Keeping formal photos to a minimum so that they could be with their guests as much as possible, a magician during dinner, having each table carve the roast beef and cutting their cake in the evening worked well to create the fun, inclusive atmosphere that Alex and Emily wanted.
  2. Be ready early. There’s nothing better than starting the day feeling relaxed, confident and positive.
  3. For summer weddings, set aside a bit of time in the evening for some portraits. The light will be softer and much more flattering than the harsh afternoon sun.
  4. Relax. Enjoy. Have fun. Be open. Show your emotions. Your guests will take their lead from you. If they can see you’re having fun, they’ll have fun too.
  5. The first kiss. Don’t rush it. Just go for it. Your guests will love it. And it makes great photos!

Are you getting married at Dodford Manor?

Grab a cuppa (or glass of vino) and stay for a bit if you are! I’ve got lots of Dodford Manor goodness to share with you!

First, congrats on picking such a great wedding venue! Dodford Manor is one of my favourite barn wedding venues to shoot at. You can find out why I think it’s such a great venue for wedding photography here. There are links to other weddings on that page too, including some church weddings at Dodford church. A great source of ideas and inspo! You’re welcome xo

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