Before & Ta-Dahhh | I A-Door You

August 16, 2020

Taking photos on a wedding day is just the beginning. And this before and after portrait of Ben and Carly is a great example of that.

I imagined Ben and Carly glamming up Boughton House’s imposing but understated front door (which they did magnificently).

… But I knew that the post-production process would play an equally big part in its creation.

Why? Well, when you photograph something from close range with a wide-angle lens the vertical lines distort and converge together – which I didn’t want because it’s not as good as it could be. Thankfully, that distortion doesn’t happen with a long zoom lens… but to use a long lens I had to go for a long walk to get far enough back to fit the entire door in. Which is ok (and great for my step count), but being further away meant the pillars of the collonade crept onto the edges of the photo. So frustrating! It was a happy compromise though as I knew the pillars could be removed in photoshop later. A combination of cropping and cloning sorted it out nicely.

The photo was finished off by adding warmth to bring out the natural golden hue in the brick and increasing the contrast to bring out the texture.

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