Before & Ta-Dahhh | Leaving As Mr & Mrs

August 9, 2020

This is a favourite photo of mine taken at St Mary’s church in Calne near Marlborough. I love how relaxed Joe and Izzy look after walking down the aisle as Mr and Mrs. And of course, I love that door! I mean, just look at the detail!

But things never come out in the camera as richly as we experience and see them. Which is where some light editing comes in. Not so much that you can tell something has been edited or filtered, but just enough to make it pop.

The shot on the left is exactly as it came out of my camera. And the one on the right is the finished edited photo. Y’ know, just in case you weren’t sure ;)

Before :S The camera settings are correct (obvs) but the colour is cold (look how blue Joe’s suit looks). The brickwork looks flatter than my hair at the end of a day photographing a wedding. Plus, someone forgot to do the weeding – tssk. And who put that cable there? #eyeroll

Ta-Daah! ahhhh, that’s better. The picture has been warmed up so everything is the correct colour, and Joe and Izzy look radiant. I’ve increased the contrast… See how the texture around the doorway is more defined and the colours in Izzy’s bouquet are more vibrant? And cropping the image, to remove some of the unnecessary foreground, makes the composition stronger showing the door – and moment – off at their best. Finally, the weeds and rogue cable have been removed so that all the attention is on Joe and Izzy.

PS. I think I prefer Photoshop weeding to real weeding #notevensweating)

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