Before & Ta-Dahhh | Let’s Go Littles

August 30, 2020

How adorable? 10/10 adorable.

These three well-bribed kiddiwinks cherubs couldn’t have played it cuter accompanying Georgie as she walked down the aisle.

And the photo as it came out of my camera is sweet too. But not as sweet as it could be. I wanted four-scoops-of-butterscotch-with-whipped-cream-sprinkles-flake-AND-caramel-sauce sweet.

Here’s the before and after. Taste the difference?

Before: The exposure and framing are spot on. *Buffs collar* But having exposed for the page boys’ outfits, the wall in the foreground is slightly bright making it distracting, and the people in the background are too dark to see. Plus, the colours are wonky – it’s all that green in the photo confusing the camera.

Ta-Daah: There. Much better. The colours have been corrected so the outfits and brickwork look as they did on the day. The brightness has been reduced on the walls and floor so that your attention goes to the outfits first. And the brightness has been turned up in the background, making Georgie, her Dad and the ushers a more prominent part of the moment. Warm, radiant and a beautiful moment shining in a stunning setting.

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