Boughton House Wedding Ideas

December 14, 2016

I’ve photographed a few editorial bridal shoots at Boughton House over the years. (I know, I’m such a lucky duck!) I’ve put a few of my favourites together into this post, so if you’re getting married at Boughton House, or just want some country house wedding ideas, then scroll on!

(Please note that some of these images were taken in areas that aren’t normally available for weddings.)

Classic Romance

The inspiration for this shoot started with the enchanting floral wallpaper in a bedroom in the Dower House at Boughton House. The Dower House has been empty and unmaintained for a long time. If you could make the perfect vintage photography studio this would be it: cobwebs, peeling wallpaper, cracked paint, dusty fireplaces and doors falling off the hinges. It was amazing to work surrounded by such a palpable sense of history. If walls could talk…

We wanted everything in this shoot to be really easy to recreate; something special but something that would work for lots of brides.

The on-trend two-piece dress, one of Martin Charles’ own creations, was the start of bringing a contemporary edge to the look whilst still being really pretty and wearable. Polly had a plait wrapped around her head, like a crown, and the style was kept soft, loose and romantic. The make-up was dreamy but striking with long pretty lashes, dewy skin, pale pink glossy lips. Barely-there sparkly nails finished it off.

A modern grey suit contrasted with all the pale pink. The tie and pocket square had tiny birds on which fitted the ethereal look perfectly.

To bring out the nostalgia in the setting, we created a set with genuine vintage props to show off the cake and stationery. The drawers of the bureau were stuffed with flowering branches. Old books and romantic quotes made it all feel sentimental.

The bouquet was full of big blousy peonies, huge hydrangea and garden roses in soft pinks and ivories. Anenomes, eucalyptus and long trailing ribbons made it feel whimsical and modern.

The cake was dreamy and picked up on the hydrangea from the bouquet with petals cascading down the sides in a shimmery soft gold. Big but delicate wafer flowers added an on-trend flourish.

For the stationery we used strong contemporary calligraphy to keep the look up-to-date. We combined intricate laser-cuts, pretty brooches and ribbons with bold gold stripes to balance the classic with the modern.

Rustic Organic

I’d been admiring Martin Charles’ range of two-piece wedding dresses for some time. He posted some photos of them on facebook and I instantly fell in love.  So when an opportunity came up to do an editorial inspiration shoot at Boughton House I knew exactly which dresses I wanted to photograph.

Martin’s dresses are designed for brides who want a relaxed outdoor wedding. Think boho luxe, wild flower meadows and tipis. This inspired the idea for a rustic organic look for the shoot but with a thoroughly modern slant to suit the on-trend two-piece. We used lots of upcycled vintage props, fresh greens and texture along with modern calligraphy, watercolour and a hint of soft gold.

Liza, Leanne and Bep created boho, festival inspired hair and make-up. Polly, the Bride, had a messy plait with soft waves, plenty of looseness and a eucalyptus crown. Long dark lashes, a bold berry lip and mint green nails made the look modern and confident. Green tweed for Caleb, the groom, coordinated well with all the greens and gave plenty of texture.

We wanted lots of natural foliage rather than flowers, so Anna, the florist, made an oversize hoop instead of a traditional bouquet. This would make a great prop for your photos and then you could hang it somewhere as part of your venue decor. Wouldn’t it look fab suspended in a tree?

There’s a lot of natural tones and materials in the location we used so Helen from Honeybees built a set with wooden crates, garden tools, moss and old glass bottles to show off the cake and stationery. Anna softened it with lots of leaves and herbs.

Katie from Couture Cakes took her inspiration from the current trend for texture and watercolour. The icing is roughly textured with a pale green marble effect and the wreath is made from individually hand-made sugar paste leaves which were wired together. The couple’s initials are hand-painted onto the icing in a slightly Nordic modern calligraphy script.

Carla used a foliage wreath & modern calligraphy for the stationery so that everything coordinated. The paper stock had a beautifully texture which fitted brilliantly with the tactile nature of the shoot.

These are some of my favourite photos from the shoot…

Summer Days

A bijou collection of images in the grounds and gardens of Boughton House. These were shot on a super sunny summer’s day when the lavender and roses were in full bloom. So beautiful.

Floral Rock

So this one was a bit different for me! It was actually really fun to get my teeth into something more gritty than pretty. With huge thanks to Pinterest for the ‘posing with attitude’ inspo!

Two-Piece Wedding Dresses

Bridal portrait with one of the tapestries at Boughton House
Bride posing for a photo in the attic at Boughton House
Bridal portraits in front of a door in the attic at Boughton House
Bride and groom photo session in the attic at Boughton House
Couple portraits in the attic corridor at Boughton House
Wedding portraits by the window in the attic at Boughton House
Model groom wearing a DJ for a photo shoot at Boughton House
Groom looking out of the window in the attic at Boughton House
Groom leaning on bannisters at Boughton House
Bridal portraits in the unused Dower House at Boughton House
Bridal model shoot in the unused Dower House at Boughton House

Great Gatsby Glam

I can’t tell you how excited I am about seeing the new Great Gatsby film. The thing I’m loving about it is that it’s inspiring an opulent and elegant vintage style for weddings. I think it’s going to be a huge influence. So perfect timing to share some photos from a roaring 20’s shoot I did for Serendipity Brides recently.

The inspiration came from the art deco design, decadent lifestyle, extravagant parties, jazz music and flamboyant dancing of the era. Plenty of wedding photographer fodder there!

As far as wedding cars go you’d be hard pushed to find better than Peterborough Wedding Cars. Trevor actually came on board with the shoot very last minute, the morning of the shoot in fact, after we were let down by another car company the night before. I cannot sing his praises enough. Just awesomely brilliant; a real pleasure to work with. I think it was somehow meant to be because his 1920s Rolls Royce was absolutely spot on for the theme.

Music was a big part of the 1920s scene. So Google tells me.

Katie at Couture Cakes came up trumps as always with a cake table inspired by the gold hues and jewels of the era. Anything that glitters, glistens or sparkles will be fab for a 20s inspired wedding.

Anna at Julie Anna Flowers created this lavish table display with candles, pearls, cut glass and statement flowers.

The stationery by Tracey at Nothing But Lovely is based on the angular shapes and patterns of art deco design.

The pretty detailing on Katie’s miniature cakes was inspired by the embellishment on the Claire Pettibone dresses.

We went for all out playfulness with feather accessories from Britten Weddings and ridiculously oversized diamond jewellery from Steffans.

My last special mention goes to Simon Patridge of Elegant Vocals for getting thoroughly stuck in to this shoot. He’s a good egg and sings a pretty good tune too.

Are you planning a wedding at Boughton House?

Hoorah! That’s so exciting!

You can find out more about my wedding photography at Boughton House on this page which includes links to some weddings I’ve shot there. And if you have any questions or would like to see my brochure please give me a yell.


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