Bridal fashion shoot for Martin Charles Couture

This was pretty much a dream shoot! It really had everything: a fab location with perfectly imperfect rustic walls, three stunning models, an amazing creative team working their magic with hair and make-up and the star of the show -Martin Charles Couture’s 2019 collection of bridal dresses. Oh, and the cutest little dog, Boo, providing smiles and cuddles at lunchtime!

I’ve shot some of Martin’s dresses before so I was really thrilled when he asked me if I’d photograph his new collection for his website. He’s an incredible designer and a lovely guy too; definitely worth a look if you’re dress hunting!

The first task was to find a venue that could tick all the boxes. It had to be indoors so we could carry on whatever the weather, it had to fit the soft and slightly vintage style of Martin’s designs, it had to have lots of lovely natural light all day since this was a mid-winter shoot when good quality light is in short supply and it had to be understated enough to let the dresses shine.

I’d previously bookmarked the website for Natural Light Spaces after being drawn to some images I saw on Instagram that were shot there and it immediately came to mind for this shoot. Martin loved it too so we planned the shoot around their availability and on the day it worked brilliantly. I had a ball there and am currently trying to think of an excuse to use it again!

We had three models, two of whom you might recognise.

I’ve photographed Polly (long loose dark hair in the first image below) on several editorial shoots and she’s always a star (a really bright shiny one) to work with.

Toria (the blonde bombshell) is a past bride of mine and she got her wedding dress from Martin Charles so it was really lovely to be together again. It’s completely different being in front of the camera for a bridal fashion shoot than it is on your wedding day but Toria was brilliant right from the start. The very first shot of the day (which I pretty much always delete because no-one is quite warmed up and fully into the shoot yet!) was of Toria. It was literally just a test shot for the light with no direction on how to stand or where to look and it was a winner. I looked at the shot on the back of my camera and couldn’t quite believe it! What a babe!

And Kitty (dark hair, messy bun) was a dark horse too. This was her first time being photographed professionally but it turned out she’s a natural and was creating effortless poses without much direction from me at all. I was really was spoiled with all three models who made my job incredibly easy. Which was just as well given that we had 14 dresses to shoot!

The shoot was fast and furious. It had to be to get through that many dresses. But with three amazing models we got into a continous flow of shooting and changing. We even had time to spare at the end! So we found some battered old wooden ladders and empty cable reels to use as props for some bolder images for PR and social media.

As always, here are some favourites. Scroll to the bottom for dredits and behind the scenes photos!

You may recognise this stunning lady. Toria was a bride of mine in 2017.

This was Kitty’s first time modelling. Believe or not. She was incredible and so natural.


It’s always nice when you get to the end of a shoot ahead of schedule and so have time to play! Props and pretty light, ahoy!


Behind the Scenes

It’s always laid-back, calm and serene in front of the camera. Behind the camera … not so much! Kit and props everywhere!

I’m always a happy bunny when there’s a cute dog on set! This is Boo; she belongs to Liza, the make-up artist for the shoot.


Creative Team

Dresses: Martin Charles Couture

Hair: Leanne Eldridge

Make-up: Liza Smith

Location: Natural Light Spaces