FAQ | Can we see all the photos you take?

So you know how you have to take (at least) a dozen selfies before you get one you like?

Wedding photography is a bit like that.

Except on your wedding day, I’ll take thousands of photos.

And when it comes to post-production of your photos after your wedding, it’s my job to sift through your photos and select the best ones.

“What? You mean we don’t get them all?!”

Simply, no.

And you wouldn’t want them all.

Think of it this way …

Have you ever sorted out all the photos on your phone?

I bet my chocolate buttons you’re shaking your head. But even if you’re nodding, did you enjoy sifting through all those duplicates, dud expressions and double chins?

I rest my case.

It’s not my favourite job either TBH. Selecting wedding photos takes several solid days and requires peppermint tea on tap.

But I happily take one for the team.

Because seeing your wedding photos for the first time should be special. And anything other than a pretty, purposely chosen, polished set isn’t good enough.

I never want you to …

  • Suffer the paralysing stress of deciding which one out of twenty group photos is the best
  • Agonise over choosing between near-duplicate pictures – several thousand times
  • Endure the horror of seeing yourself with a dodgy double chin
  • Face the disappointment of seeing the inherently flat and flawed ‘files’ that come out of my camera. (Sometimes even I find it hard to see past that.)
  • Fight the frustration of scrolling back and forth through photos that are unorganised, disjointed and out of sequential order

Because those feelings will taint all your photos.

And you’ll never experience that “Wow!” moment when you see your photos.


You deserve better.

I want you to fall immediately in love with your pictures … easily relive the story of your day just as it happened … feel excited to put every single photo in your album.

So let me take care of this for you.

I’ll go through your photos with care and compassion, and give every single image full consideration.

I promise I’ll only leave out the photos you wouldn’t thank me for … Like test shots, duplicates, unflattering expressions – and random pictures of the sky, floor and inside of my camera bag that I always seem to manage to take.

And trust me, I’m very far from ruthless when deciding whether a photo is for keeps or not. I won’t reject a photo because it isn’t technically or creatively perfect. I don’t look for reasons to get rid of photos, I look for reasons to keep them. So if it’s the only photo of a particular person or moment, it’s in.

Because whilst quality is important, it’s ultimately about love.


Want to know more about how I make selections?

Read this feature about my photo post-production process.