Client Review | Tom & Kate

December 12, 2016

“Tom and I stumbled across Sarah’s pictures when looking at venues; she had shot a wedding at Exton Park and the photos were amazing. All natural and showing such emotion from everyone. It was exactly what I’d hoped to have for my wedding. 

“We were worried that Sarah couldn’t possibly fit taking all the family pictures and our portraits in the tiny time frame we had and that we would have to spend hours getting the shots and I would end up missing my own wedding. Thankfully that didn’t happen at all! We were so impressed at the speed and professionalism that Sarah worked with – I know I’m biased because it was my own wedding but I’ve never been to a wedding before where the photos were so unobtrusive (yet still oh so beautiful!).

“It was so easy. We never felt rushed or under pressure. Sarah made it really easy to trust her judgment and I loved the fact that I had genuinely no idea what pictures she’d managed to grab until I got them. The box of photos she sent was an incredible surprise. I cried when I saw how lovely they were! 

“I have recommended Sarah already! I told my friend that Sarah had a lovely eye for detail and that she took natural, beautiful photos. She managed to take a nice picture of me and Tom together which I think may be a first!

“There was nothing Sarah could have done better. I was really happy. “

Marquee wedding in Southwick, Stamford


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