Colin & Hannah’s wedding photography

November 20, 2014

Colin and Hannah had a fabulous autumnal wedding, with just enough tradition and plenty of fun.


About Colin & Hannah

The first time I met Hannah was one big coincidence.  I was merrily photographing away at Paul & Michelle’s wedding at Rushton Hall when Hannah came up to me and asked if I was Sarah Vivienne. For a split second I wondered if this was something I should admit to. It turned out that Hannah was engaged to Paul’s Best Man, Colin, and recognised me from the behind the scenes video on my website which she came across when researching wedding photographers. Probably the first and last time that I’ll ever be ‘recognised’! It also turned out that she’s the sister of one of my hubs’ best school friends. It’s a small world.

Colin and Hannah got marrried at All Saints Church in Brixworth, a beautiful village in Northamptonshire, and had their reception in a marquee at Brixworth Cricket Club. They have an affinity with Brixworth and the cricket club is a big part of their lives, so it seemed fititng to get married there.

Just like them their wedding had a relaxed, laid-back vibe and was full up of family, friends and fun. This is what they wanted from their photography too and that suits the way we work perfectly . Abby and I immersed ourselves into their day capturing everything just as it happened. There were a few group photos and portraits of course, but for the most part we just slotted in and documented their day.


Colin & Hannah’s wedding photography

My day started on a cold, dark golf course with Colin and the boys at 7am! The boys were all on top form with lots of banter which masked my tiredness nicely. I’m not a morning person! There was something calming about being out in the peaceful countryside at that time of day though. A great start to the day for a Groom I think.

It was only just light when they tee’d off which is a challenging condition to photograph in. My camera was set at all it’s maximums and minimums. It was a tricky job to get enough extra light into the camera to compensate for the darkness but also get photos which balanced sharpness of the fast action with just a bit of movement in the club. It’s certainly good for waking you up!

I think these were some of the most anticipated photos of the day, so that they could all analyse their swings!


I’m not a morning person by any stretch of the imagination and went back to bed for a bit before I headed off to photograph Hannah getting ready! It was a real team effort between Hannah, her bridesmaids and her parents with everyone helping each other get ready.


Colin is into all things sporty and the three of us laughed as Hannah told me that she can’t watch anything on TV without Sky+ reminders for matches popping up. So I couldn’t help but smile to myself when this popped up on the TV. That’s a big clash with a wedding day for a golf fan!


Colin and his Best Man got ready at Sedgebrook Hall and then headed straight to The George Inn in Brixworth for drinks before walking to the church. This is one part of the day where having a second photographer really comes into its’ own. It gives you photos of both of you getting ready, without the headache of planning your preparations around one photographer doing both. Or missing out on part of the day entirely.


We had a really warm welcome from Chloe, the Vicar at All Saints Church in Brixworth. Every church is allowed to set their own house-rules about wedding photography and it’s not unusual for there to be strict procedures and restrictions. Today was very relaxed though and we were able to photograph the entire ceremony. All Saints is a big church which gave Abby and I plenty of space to work, and hide, in.


The weather had warmed up nicely by the time we arrived at the marquee. We had a lovely hour or so of autumn sunshine which made it warm enough to be outside for the ‘formal’ photos. I use the word ‘formal’ loosely because posed photos work best alongside documentary photos when they’re relaxed, in both style and the atmosphere in which we work to create them. Being fast is just as important though and we had to work especially quickly today because the drinks reception was relatively short. That meant more party time later however and my goodness, by the time Abby and I came back into the marquee after dinner the noise level had risen and the party was in full swing. There’s nothing I love to photograph more than high energy.


Colin and Hannah’s naked wedding cake was made by one of their guests. The marquee floor was a little uneven underneath the cake table so the cake wobbled as they cut it. Their reactions were priceless!


Tips for couples planning a similar wedding

  1. Consider booking a second photographer. Having photos of both of you getting ready, as well as extra angles and different viewpoints during the ceremony and reception, gives you a fuller record of the day.
  2. Be both realistic about how long it will take to get through your list of group photos and mindful of how much time you actually have to take them. Colin and Hannah only had an hour for their drinks reception so they sensibly kept their list short and had a couple of Ushers to help gather people to make things as quick as possible.
  3. Find out what the rules for photographing your wedding ceremony will be before you book your church/venue. It’s best to know in advance if there will be restrictions rather than getting a surprise afterwards.
  4. Pick a wedding photographer whose style is consistent with how you want your wedding to feel. If you want a relaxed wedding, pick a documentary photographer.


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