Dan & Becky’s wedding at Dunchurch Park

Dan and Becky’s wedding had all the feels. It knocked me a bit sideways actually. My clients tend to wear their hearts on their sleeves so I’m used to relaxed affairs with a few tears but I haven’t experienced a wedding with quite so much sustained intense emotion before. The whole day was packed with sentiment. Joyful tears one minute and uncontrollable throw your head back laughter the next. Jubilant high fives and hugs so tight you know they mean it. A wedding to remember.


About Dan & Becky

Becky wooed Dan with free protein shakes at the gym where she worked and he trained. Or at least, that’s how he sees it! Fast forward a bit and Dan had the opportunity of a lifetime to work in Hong Kong. He didn’t think for one minute that Becky would want to go but she felt like home was wherever Dan was and put her dreams on hold to be with him. Now he’s vowed to spend his life making her dreams come true. Starting with Bora Bora and a Mulberry!

Dan and Becky are emotional extroverts with a super sense of fun and wicked sense of humour. They’re very out-going but it’s their vulnerability that gives them strength. Their raw, honest, don’t hold back emotions made the day. You’ll see what I mean in the photos.

The plan for the day was as simple as to get married and get the party started. Dan and Becky were all about the people and their focus was on everyone having a great time. They were true to themselves and everything felt just right. They were totally relaxed all day and enjoyed every moment for what it was. If anything didn’t go to plan, there’s no way you would have guessed from the fun these two were having.

They had clear ideas on what they wanted from their wedding photography. They were all about the natural pictures. Photos that would make them laugh or remember something funny. Photos that would bring back memories of how they felt saying their vows. Photos of the moments where they weren’t; because you can’t be part of every conversation.

An incredible couple who I feel blessed to have worked with.


Dan & Becky’s wedding style

Dan and Becky decided to get married in September, a few days after Dan’s birthday, because the weather is always good then. Their forecast was spot-on; big blue skies and golden autumn sunshine.

They knew right away when they looked at Dunchurch Park that it was their perfect venue. It ticked all the boxes so they didn’t waste time looking at any others. Everything was planned from Hong Kong and during short breaks back in the UK so Dan and Becky were decisive with everything.

This wedding wasn’t about the decor or the details but it was beautiful. Their colour scheme was fuschia pink and mint; soft and pretty but worked as well for the guys as for the girls. Pretty much everything was handcrafted or made by family and friends which made it extra special.


Dan & Becky’s wedding photography

The excitement in the room was palpable when I arrived to photograph Becky getting ready. She’s very close to her parents and bridesmaids. The hair stylists are good friends of hers too. So it was really just a big group of friends having a great time and kicking off the party from the outset.


Becky’s Dad gave her a bracelet as a wedding gift. Sentimental tears of course (she did like the bracelet!) but it pulled at my heart as much as it sang. Such a beautiful moment. I wanted to give them both a big hug myself.


Dan and Becky’s ceremony was a treat to photograph. There was no holding back with the emotion. Everyone cried at pretty much everything. And if they weren’t crying they were laughing. It was really special to be there.

I’m so pleased that we were able to get both Becky and Dan’s perspectives on Becky’s entrance. A moment where having two photographers really comes into its own.


A priceless ‘you’re now husband and wife’ reaction…


The party got into full swing from the minute Dan & Becky took their ‘just married’ selfie until everyone hit the dance-floor at the end of the day. No words needed really. Emotion. Emotion. Emotion. Fun. Fun. Fun. All. Day. Long.


Tips for couples planning a similar wedding

  1. The best thing you can do for your photos is relax. Don’t worry about what people think. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
  2. Make your day a reflection of you. If everything feels right it will look cohesive and natural in your photographs.
  3. Discuss how long you want to spend on your couple portraits with your wedding photographer before the day. These take a bit of thinking about on the day itself so it’s good for your photographer to know how much time they have beforehand.
  4. Book suppliers who you like as people. You’ll be sharing personal and emotional moments with them, so feeling comfortable around them is important. Your photos will be more moving if you can let go and be yourself.
  5. Book a second photographer. It will give you a more rounded story; especially of the ceremony.