Evening Wedding Photography

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… better get this party started.

I know you just sang that. I did a chair dance too!

This part of the day (like most of the rest of it!) is all about capturing natural photos of everyone enjoying themselves and having fun.

Post-dinner chills

There’s usually a bit of time between dinner and your first dance. Oddly, it’s the only part of a wedding that doesn’t have a name. Let’s call it ‘twixhour’ – because who doesn’t love a Twix.

During twixhour, you might enjoy a balmy summer evening with coffee and cake outside, indulge in a dessert table or try every flavour at the ice cream cart. Or maybe you’ll compete in a highly competitive game of drunken rounders or make a human pyramid. Whatever you’re up to, it’s time for you to chill out for a while -and for me to capture relaxed photos showing a different side of your guests as they let their hair down.

Bridesmaid catching the wedding bouquet
Wedding guests enjoying coffee after dinner
Wedding guests playing rounders
Guests exploring the wedding venue grounds after dinner
Ice cream van at a wedding
Mariachi wedding band performing outside at Kilworth House
Relaxing after the wedding breakfast
Evening wedding guest greeting the bride
Evening wedding guest arriving
Smoking a cigar at a wedding
Smores at a wedding
Toasting marshmallows at a wedding

The dancefloor is calling

Before you know it, everyone will be cheering you for your first dance. Whether you’re gritting your teeth through a simple shuffle, lapping up a money dance, being bound together with streamers or performing an all-out choreographed routine to rival Strictly, I’ll capture it exactly as it happens.

Starlit first dance
First dance surrounded by guests
Choreographed first dance
Romantic first dance
Bride and groom laughing during first dance
Groom dipping the bride at the end of their first dance at Woburn Abbey
Lively first dance
Scottish themed first dance to I would walk 100 miles
First dance at Woburn Abbey

And at this point, the choice is yours…

You can end your photos with your first dance. Or you can…

Upgrade your Uptown Funk with photos of your evening party

Planning to show your band which wedding busts the best moves? Expecting your mates to carve up the dance-floor whilst wearing their ties on their heads? Placing bets on who’ll be first to start the conga?

Then you’ll need bribe material photographic evidence.

This is a great opportunity to capture your guests at their most relaxed. Because after a few raspberry gins, even the most camera-conscious wallflower will be begging to have their photo taken. 

After everyone has been sitting down for a couple of hours for the meal and speeches, there’s a LOT of pent-up energy (and alcohol) to be expended.

Wedding guests dancing
Wedding guests dancing
Bride's parents dancing
Wedding guests dancing
Wedding guests dancing

A final flourish

Every wedding album needs a big finish.

And if you choose to have evening photos, yours is going to be seriously wow.

We could end with a dramatic nighttime portrait or whatever sensational send-off you’re planning to end the day with – sparklers, fireworks, a fireman’s lift…

It’s gonna be gRe@t.

Wedding fireworks at Stowe School