Jamie & Hannah’s autumn wedding at Fawsley Hall

November 9, 2012

Hannah and Jamie got married at All Saints Church in Northampton town centre and then had their wedding reception at Fawsley Hall. Both venues have a certain wow about them and are great for photography. But a great venue is nothing without the people and Jamie & Hannah were wonderful to work with. Lots of fun, so in love and full of happiness.

It was an unusually short day of coverage for me, starting at the church, as Jamie and Hannah wanted just a few hours of photography. The challenges with a city centre church are very different to the challenges of the quintessential village church. Think lack of parking, carrying heavy equipment quite some distance and the security risk that goes with it, crowds of shoppers and onlookers, and some unattractive backgrounds (in this case McDonalds right opposite the church and the bistro housed in the church collonade!). But All Saints is spectacular and a joy to work at.

Wedding photography is restricted to the back of the church at All Saints and, with a very long aisle, even my biggest zoom wouldn’t get me anything other than wide angle photos of Hannah and Jamie. I had to think hard about how to frame the photos in as many different ways as possible to get a good variety of photos rather than every moment looking the same.

After a few quick group photos we were off to Fawsley Hall, another of Northamptonshire’s gems and a venue that we often work at. I’ve never lost my childhood excitement about driving over cattle grids so the approach to Fawsley is always fun for me!

Fawsley Hall has lots of great spots for photos. With a venue like Fawsley I think a mix of architectural and green backgrounds works well for your portraits.

Dinner and speeches were in Knightley Court. I love the cosy feel in here.

Are you planning a wedding at Fawsley Hall?

If that’s a yes, you’re in for an amazing day! Not to mention fab photos!

Fawsley Hall is one of my favourite venues for wedding photography. Click here to find out what I think makes it so great and see some more weddings that I’ve shot there.

And if all that tickles your pickle, give me a yell! I’d love to hear from you and send a copy of my wedding photography brochure.


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