Richard & Joanne’s October wedding at Knightley Court, Fawsley.

October 26, 2012

Richard and Joanne got married at Fawsley Hall, one of my favourite places for wedding photography. Their wedding was impeccably planned and full of love and laughter. It was an absolute pleasure to share and photograph.

My day started with Jo getting ready in the bridal suite. My first glimpse at their vintage inspiration for the day was Jo’s glamorous 1930s style silk dress. Effortlessly elegant.

Richard and Jo’s brief to me was for largely documentary wedding photography, that had a sense of place, that showed the season/weather and that had pictures of things they’d planned as well as their guests. Totally my cup of Earl Grey! So throughout the day I was looking particularly hard for wide photos that showed the setting; but going beyond the obvious photo of the venue and including the guests to bring context and occasion to the photos.

Photos of all the little details were important too as Richard and Joanne had put a lot of thought into this part of their wedding. I certainly had my work cut out to capture it all!

The ceremony took place in Knightley Court.

The most important thing with signing of the register photos, in my opinion, is to make them quick. And my approach is for them not to look staged, even when they actually are.

See those tall candelabra at the back? I love the warm glow that they give to photos. However, there I was trying to be discreet and tuck myself into the corner to photograph the ceremony only to look round and realise I was within half an inch of a flame. Eeek! Good job I’m adept at being calm in high pressure situations!

A mix of angles, perspective and content to show all the aspects of Richard and Joanne’s drinks reception…

Richard, Joanne and I spent a quick 5 minutes in the Knot Garden to create some portraits of the two of them.

As a wedding photographer that’s hugely inpsired by architecture, I find the main front entrance of Fawsley Hall a great location for portraits and group photos. I just wish Fawsley would move the urn of geraniums on the left further across so that it’s symmetrical with the one on the right!

As an alternative to a guest signature book Richard and Joanne provided cards for people to write and peg up a note of advice for a happy marriage.

Richard and Joanne had really thought about their guests’ enjoyment of the day. The time when formal photos are being taken can be a bit of a wait for those guests not involved so it was lovely to return from the group photos to see people enjoying games of scrabble, guess who and jenga.

Even the basket for cards was beautifully presented. Guests really seem to enjoy things like this. The photos of Richard & Joanne’s parents on their wedding days attracted lots of smiles.

The table plan was based on a map of the UK, with tables named after places that are close to Richard and Joanne’s hearts. Where it’s possible, I love to try and get the detail as a still life as well as being used to show it in context.

The Dining Hall looked amazing too. I texted Anna at Julie Anna Flowers at the end of the day to ask her not to do such a beautiful job next time we have a wedding together. With her work plus Joanne’s handiwork I had to work at lightening speed to do the details justice!

Richard and Joanne’s wedding was featured on Love My Dress; hoorah! You can read more about their day and their vision for it at this link.

Are you getting married at Fawsley Hall?

If that’s a yes, you’re going to have the best day ever! It’s such a great venue!

Stick around for a bit and check out why I think Fawsley Hall is amazing for wedding photography. You’ll find links to some of the other weddings I’ve shot at Fawsley on that page too.

And if all that makes you smile from ear to ear, give me a shout! If you let me know your plans so far, I can check my diary for availability and send a copy of my wedding photography brochure.


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  1. Angela on October 28, 2012 at 7:37 pm

    Superb pictures as usual, much attention to detail that you always capture so well, but also how refreshing to see a bride in such a lovely completely different dress, with shoulders and sleeves, she looks beautiful.

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