Four ways to get photos of your dog at your wedding

Hi! This is Daisy & Poppy repawting!

Mum said we have to work for our treats this week because she thinks we’ve been lazing around too much. Honestly, she has no idea how much hard work it is being so cute. We need all the z’s we can get!

But we’ll do anything for a gravy bone so we thought we’d woof about ways to include your dog in your wedding photos.

Poppy and I like to be involved with everything … opening presents, cooking a roast chicken dinner and accompanying mum to the bathroom. So if our pawrents were getting married now we’d make doggy diva demands about being there! And since we’d be the most important family members present, we’d expect to be included in the photos as well. If you’re anywhere near as obsessed with your dog as our mum is with us, we know you’ll love to get some photos of your furry bestie on your wedding day too.

But because pups like us need lots of beauty sleep we might not want to be there all day, so it’s wise to think about when you’d most like to get those photos.

Here are the moments we think work well to get some gorgeous photos of your dog at your wedding:


Four ways to include your dog in your wedding photos

1. While you’re getting ready

Dog sleeping on the sofa on the wedding morning

If you’re getting ready at home, have your dog with you in the morning. They’ll be in a familiar environment and you can get some great photos of them doing their thing; sleeping, playing, cuddling. The natural shots are often the best ones! Just make sure there’s a quiet room for them to retreat to if they’re feeling tired or overwhelmed.

2. As ring bearer

Dog jumping up to greet the bride as she walks down the aisle at Stoke Rochford Hall

Picture us trotting down the aisle, goofy grin in place, as we transport the symbols of your love direct into your happy hands. Could there be anything better? Nope. We don’t think so.

3. To greet you after the ceremony

Dog greeting the bride at a wedding at Kilworth House

Have a pet chaperone bring your dog along to church and greet you as come out. Oh, the reactions! Then they could watch from a comfortable distance until you’re ready for some family photos.

4. During the reception

If your reception venue is dog-friendly, hire a pet chaperone to bring them along for a private photo session in the grounds. You could do this in the evening too and enjoy a walk around the grounds for natural photos when things are less hectic.


*sits down, looks up with big doleful eyes and waits for a treat*