Glyn & Candice’s Engagement Photos at Manor Farm, Northampton

It’s more normal to be nervous about the pre-wedding shoot than to be confident about it

I don’t mind admitting that I get nervous photographing people for the first time! So a pre-wedding shoot helps me relax and find my mojo too!

Once I actually start taking photos I feel much more relaxed. So I promise that after several clicks of the shutter you’ll feel more at ease too.

Being brave and taking the time to have a pre-wedding shoot will make a huge difference to your wedding photos, both in terms of the pictures themselves as well as how much you enjoy being photographed. Having done it once, you’ll know what to expect the next time.

It’s a wedding photographer’s job to help you relax and look your best but you’ll only get out what you put in. Think of a pre-wedding shoot as part of your wedding planning. It’s a valuable investment of time.

Rustic backgrounds work brilliantly for relaxed photos

Glyn and Candice had their engagement photos taken on the farm here in Lamport. There’s a great mix of green countryside and wooded areas as well as barns and outbuildings in need of TLC (which I pray they won’t get!).

The different backdrops give us scope to try out lots of ideas whilst getting plenty of variety.

Candice brought a scarf and a change of top with her to mix things up even more. A great idea!

Here are some of my faves from their shoot. I just adore how loved-up these two are!