Sustainable wedding photography & video workshops

Are luxurious but laid-back weddings with a pop of personality your thing?

Are you looking for some cracking content to capture?

Then you’re in the right place!

Kelmarsh Hall workshop SV
Kelmarsh Hall workshop SV
Kelmarsh Hall workshop SV

So what's this all about?

I’m Sarah - aka Sarah Vivienne Photography - and I’m so pleased you're here. 

Green Heart is a dream of mine to curate spectacular styled shoots so more photographers and filmmakers (that’s you!) can attract the high-end weddings of their dreams - and to do it in a sustainable way.

Because if you want to attract lavish weddings, you need experience of shooting lavish subject matter. But how exactly does one get lavish wedding experience without shooting lavish weddings … ? #chickenegg #eggchicken

Well, Green Heart has a solution …

You! And 9 other photographers and filmmakers.

Yep, by bringing a group of like-minded creatives together, we* can go BIG with these workshops.

And we’re going to do it in a way that allows us to give back more than we take. (More on that later.)

* Ok, you got me, it’s just me here organising all this, but I use ‘we’ because these shoots are about bringing people together - the creative team who bring these days to life, and you.

Who's this for?

Just starting out? Experienced pro? These shoots are for you! 

The only requirement is that you know how to use your camera. Because whilst guidance and ideas will be available if you want it, the whole point is for you to capture content that’s you

Green Heart shoots are for you if you want to:

  • Try out new ideas
  • Test new kit
  • Make new friends
  • Warm up ready for the start of wedding season
  • Have fun shooting pretty things

They’re not for you if you need help to:

  • Change your ISO
  • Format a memory card
  • Lick your elbow

So what’s this ‘sustainable’ bit about?

I want the world to be better off for a Green Heart shoot.

So our workshops will:

  • Support small and local businesses
  • Cover the creative team’s costs
  • Offset travel costs by planting trees through Ecologi
  • Use foraged foliage, locally-grown flowers, hired trees & potted plants 
  • Incorporate foam-free florals - which are donated to care homes or returned to the ground afterwards
  • Feature stationery made from recycled  paper stock & naturally dyed ribbon
  • Serve local and seasonal food and drink

In short, we’ll give back more than we take. How cool is it to be able to do that?

What to expect

Space to shoot your way. There’ll be guidance if you need it, but this is about being you.

Plenty of shooting time. You’ll be split into two groups of no more than 6 people, so you enjoy a great experience and have plenty of access to capture all the content. 

Two gorgeous real-life couples who are also professional models. Their camera-confidence and experience in front of the camera will make your job easy AND you’ll be able to capture genuine love and authentic expressions.

Tasty food and delicious drinks whipped up by professional chefs to keep you hydrated and your energy levels up. ‘Cos nobody needs a wedding hangover the next day! Got special dietary requirements? We’ll take care of you. 

The styling

Our signature look is elegant but undone.

So we’ll keep things neutral with subtle, barely-there colours.

Flowers are always a huge feature of our workshops and you can bet your chocolate buttons we'll go OTT!

This won’t be the kind of stuff you’d see at most styled shoots or workshops. (Or even weddings for that matter.)

I don’t want to give tooooo much away, but there’ll be …

  • Fabulous floral features on fireplaces and doorways 
  • Totally impractical but utterly divine tablescapes. Our tables are often so full of flowers we don’t use any linen!
  • A stunning cake and stationery, full of texture and displayed to perfection - probably with more flowers
  • Designer dresses and stylish suits
  • Sophisticated hair and make-up to complete the look 

Interested in a future workshop?

Me too!

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