Robert & Sarah’s destination wedding at Holdenby House

March 23, 2011

Robert and Sarah got married in the US, which is where they live, and they had a blessing here in the UK, where Sarah is originally from.

They found me through Julia Anna Flowers and I’m so glad they did! I’ve had such a great time working with them. They’re just the loveliest couple. And so in love.

They flew over to the UK the day after their US wedding and I met them for the first time a few days before their UK wedding to do some portraits in their wedding outfits. This was to save the time of doing them on the day of their blessing, because the timings for the day were quite tight and they wanted to spend as long as possible with their UK friends and family that they hadn’t seen for years.

Attention to detail is so very important to me in my pictures. I can be quite OCD about hands in the right place, the dress arranged nicely, ties done up neatly, face at just the right angle to the light, no distractions in the background … This takes time of course but the end results are worth it. I also wanted to show off their amazing venue, Holdenby House. Even with two hours it was hard to do justice to the extent of the location. So we picked the most iconic and English feeling aspects of Holdenby.


The day of their blessing was very relaxed and started with Sarah getting ready in the white room at Holdenby. Isn’t that peacock wallpaper just divine? It was really light and airy too; perfect for photos. There’s usually a lot of nervous (but excited) energy during the preparations. But already having married in the US nerves were nowhere to be seen today. Just Sarah being so excited to marry Robert again and to spend time getting ready with her Mum and Nan.

The blessing was held at Scaldwell church, a typically quaint English village church and just the perfect setting. We hotfooted it back to Holdenby House for the reception as timings were really tight but there was time enough to get a big family photo and for Robert and Sarah to mingle with their guests.

My job was largely to capture the story of the day as it unfolded. Usually during a reception I’m doing a Wacky Races Roadrunner impression trying to get the group and couple photos done, so it was great to be able to just observe and work in a pure documentary style for a change. I wanted lots of pictures of the guests but at the same time wanted more than just pictures of people. Watching and waiting for moments of fun and interest and using the venue to add context to the story was almost therapeutic.

Are you going to get married at Holdenby House?

What great taste you have! It’s one of the best venues around.

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  1. Jo on March 23, 2011 at 5:18 pm

    Beautiful work as always.

    • Sarah on March 23, 2011 at 6:17 pm

      Thanks Jo x

  2. Aaron on March 31, 2011 at 9:25 pm

    These are gorgeous. Lovely set Sarah

    • Sarah on April 1, 2011 at 5:16 pm

      Thanks Aaron! Not long ’til yours now!

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