I’m just here for the cute animals

“”Did someone say mini sausage & mash canapes?”
“We da cutest couple at every wedding we go to.”
When they forget to put you on the seating plan…
“What d’ya mean we’ve got to have a bath first?”
“Never mind the Groom’s suit. Where’s my cat suit?”
“Will you take my hand in marriage?”
“I could have done a better job of putting holes in that dress, y’know.”
“I overhead something about edible flowers…”
“Apparently the Groom has a Lamborgini. Let’s go welcome it!”
“Whatever this photographer says, Lottie, do not give up the sofa.”
“Weddings are sooo snoring.”
“Get busy! We’ve got an order for 100 honey jar favours.”
“But why can’t I wear heels like all the other ladies?”
No, I totally didn’t see Great Aunt Mary pour her Pimms on the pampas grass. *wink*
When your ex is going to be at the wedding so you make an extra effort.
“But I get to go on the honeymoon, right?”
“I’m guarding the TV so we don’t have to watch ‘Bridesmaids’ again.”
“You coming in here in your pretty dress, mama?”
“I promise not to be extra in the wedding photos.”
“The best part about the wedding was when everyone went out for the day.”
“We’re not baaaaad at group photos.”
“I’m looking forward to pigging out on the wedding breakfast.”
“I wanted to be a flower girl. But all I was allowed to do was lay on this sofa.”