Intimate outdoor wedding at Normanton Church in Rutland – Darren & Natasha

Love the countryside? You’ll love this outdoor wedding for inspo.

Bride and groom walking arm in arm as they leave Normanton church

Darren and Natasha got married at the unusal Normanton Church – where you can have a civil ceremony in a classic church right on the water’s edge. 

‘Classic’, ‘cheery’ and ‘chilled out’ sum their day up. Everything slotted together effortlessly… An intimate gathering of their closest family and friends, the backdrop of Rutland Water, a cosy civil ceremony, a slap-up meal at their favourite restaurant and lots of fun banter. Wedding tetris level 27: Complete.

Want to know their secret to creating an effortlessly relaxed wedding? Coming right up: Be yourselves and dontcha worry ’bout a thing A-a-ayy (soz if that’s stuck in your head now).

And as for their micro wedding photography? Darren and Natasha wanted that to slot in effortlessly too. They wanted beautiful photos taken in the moment – without any cliches. Happily, that’s my jam on toast!

View of Normanton church with a partially cloudy sky and tiny bit of blue sky
View of Rutland Water from Normanton Church
Old boat, long grasses and a diving bird at Normanton Church
Builders' sign at Normanton Church

Getting ready

My day started with capturing Natasha getting ready at home with her family in Loughborough. 

The morning was full of fun, tea and laughter. One of my favourite moments was Natasha opening her wedding gift from Darren – an adopted lobster. I knew then it would be a day with lots of character to capture.

After capturing Natasha showing her dress to her two sons for the first time and then putting her dress on ready to get married, I headed off to Rutland to meet Darren and capture all the action as the guests arrived. 

Bride putting her make-up in with her dress and a photo with the groom in the background
Bride's surprised expression as she opens gift from groom
Bride opening wedding present of an adopted lobster from the groom
Bride's sister helping her put a tiffany bracelet wedding gift on
Close up of tiffancy bracelet on bride's wrist
Bride with her two sons getting ready
Bride showing her wedding dress to her two sons for the first time
Bride laughing with her hairdresser
Bride and her mum drinking a mug of tea
Bride's aunt and hairdresser laughing
Flower girl having a flower put in her hair
Bride's mum helping her granddaughter with a necklace
Bride's mum hugging her granddaughter
Florist showing a bride her wedding bouquet
Groom waving out of the window to wedding guests at Normanton Church
Wedding guests arriving at Normanton Church
Wedding car arriving at Normanton Church
Bride's mum and aunt arriving at Normanton Church
Bride's sister and nieces arriving at Normanton Church

The ceremony

The ceremony was a moving occasion, with personal vows that Darren and Natasha wrote themselves, their sons as ring-bearers and interchangable tears, banter and excited hand-squeezes . It was a joy to witness and photograph.

After the ceremony, the Darren and Natasha mingled with their guests by the waterside. I soaked up the relaxed and fun moments as they enjoyed champagne and delicious canapes. Strong winds tested everyone’s resolve but the church walls are a great place to shelter.

A nervous groom and his two sons at Normanton Church
Bride walking down the aisle at Normanton Church
Bride and groom laughing during civil ceremony at Normanton Church
Bride stroking groom's face during ceremony at Normanton Church
Close up of bride and groom holding hands at Normanton Church
Bride and groom pronounced husband and wife at Normanton Church
Wedding guest chatting to children at Normanton Church
Children at a wedding at Normanton Church
Signing the register at Normanton Church
Bride and groom hugging after getting married at Normanton Church
Wedding at the back of Normanton Church
Bride and groom walking down the aisle at Normanton Church
Bride and groom coming out of Normanton church
Portrait of a bride and groom at Normanton Church
Bride and groom walking at Normanton Church
Guests enjoying the scenery at Normanton Church
Bride looking like the cat that got the cream as she spots her new husband at Normanton Church
Groom shaking hands with a wedding guest at Normanton Church
Wedding guest hugging mother of the bride at Normanton Church
Wedding drinks reception at Normanton Church
Wedding guests laughing with the groom at Normanton Church
Children enjoying canapes at Normanton Church
Parents of the bride at Normanton Church
Flower girls playing at a wedding at Normanton Church
Wedding car drivers having fun and carrying flowers
Bride and groom in back of vintage wedding car
Vintage blue wedding car reflected in another car's wing mirror

Natasha’s first words on seeing her photos…

You have had me in tears!

You have captured everyone and their personalities perfectly. We are absolutely delighted with all the photos, I don’t know how we will choose favourites. 

I can’t wait to show them off to family and friends! 

Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

I’m going to be looking at these so often., they are brilliant.

Are you planning a relaxed ceremony at Normanton Church?

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