Intimate wedding venues in Northamptonshire

Weddings were on.

Then they were off.

Then they were on again.

Nope, off again.

Oh, hang on…

They’re on again. Kinda.

Pweh! You’re working us hard, 2020!

So. As things stand, socially-distanced weddings for up to 30 people are allowed. And if you’re bursting at your lockdown yoga pants seams about the marriage bit, this small wedding thing might be for you.

Can’t wait to get married? Your first task is finding a space that fits.

The Orangery at Kelmarsh Hall
The Orangery at Kelmarsh Hall

Finding an intimate wedding venue

If you’re downsizing your original wedding, you’ve got two choices:

1. Stick with your original venue

Chances are, the venue you’d booked might feel too roomy now that your guest list is pared back. But it might still work. If you can, sit down – or Zoom – with your venue to talk through your options. The wedding world is full of creative problem solvers who are adept at finding ways to make dreams happen. And most will be glad to try to adapt their space so that your day feels just right.

2. Find a new location

If you’re looking for a new wedding venue, keep an eye out for locations with smaller capacity rooms. You might feel most at home if you fill a space rather than rattle around like the last vitamin C tablet in a family-size bottle. But don’t immediately discount larger spaces – it’s surprising how much space love can take up.

Dodmoor House
Dodmoor House

Intimate wedding venues in Northamptonshire

For those of you based in the ‘shire or dreaming of an intimate wedding in this neck of the woods, I know some good spots!

The Orangery at Kelmarsh Hall has the most stunning views across the park and has a license for up to 40 guests. Whilst Barton Hall’s Orangery is brilliant at bringing a feeling of grandeur even in a more intimate setting.

Or if that isn’t quite your style, Dodmoor House has the rustic barn vibes nailed and Holdenby House has some of the most magical gardens I’ve ever seen.

And then there’s Lamport Hall… Lesser-known as a wedding venue but well-known for the invention of garden gnomes. (I bet you can’t wait to go to a pub quiz now.) Because of Lamport Hall’s historic nature, there are restrictions on the party side of a wedding. But those limitations make it the ideal location for a small wedding.

Lamport Hall through the trees
Lamport Hall

Intimate wedding venues in the UK

For those of you elsewhere in the country, head this way to fall in love with some beautiful intimate wedding venues.

Think outside the traditional wedding box

With a smaller reception format and a streamlined guest list, new doors are opening to spaces that wouldn’t ordinarily be a wedding venues.

Ask hotels about private dining rooms, rather than the big spaces they usually earmark for weddings.

Does your local art gallery have an event space? Or perhaps a museum? Pubs and restaurants often have function rooms too.

Small businesses are getting creative right now, so it’s worth asking around. Even if it’s a no, they might be able to point you in the right direction.

The Orangery at Barton Hall
The Orangery at Barton Hall

Looking for some intimate wedding ideas to make your day original and you?

I’ve got you. Check back here next week…