James & Laura’s spring wedding at Rushton Hall

Quelle surprise! Another wedding at Rushton Hall! This time for James and Laura.

I’m often asked whether I get bored photographing weddings at the same venue over and over again. The long and the short answer is no! The people transform it completely every time. It’s always different because the people are always different.

About James & Laura

James, Laura and I bumped into each other by chance in the corridor at Rushton Hall as I arrived to photograph Simon and Joanne’s wedding. They were venue hunting and I was doing my best impression of a packhorse with camera gear strapped across every part of me.

I untangled myself. We had a quick chat. I had one of those ‘OMG I hope I’ve got a business card on me’ moments. And as we went our separate ways I thought how lovely they were and hoped they’d get in touch.

Which they did. Yay! I was really happy that they called because they had enchanted me and I felt an instant fondness for them.  A strong rapport between client and wedding photographer is so important and I thought we’d have a great time working together. They had me at hello.

You can’t help but be charmed by them. I was first struck by their calm, assured demeanor but soon got to see a serious dose of wit and cheeky playful side!

Their wedding had all the gravitas you would expect of a quintessential country house wedding but the overflowing emotion and their great sense of fun made the day feel warm and easy-going.

We’ve had a hoot and shared lots of laughs. They’ve been the loveliest couple to work with all the way along and I’m proud to call them clients.

James & Laura’s wedding style

James and Laura chose to have their wedding ceremony and reception at Rushton Hall in Northants. Laura got ready there too. With everything happening in one place the day was really relaxed and flowed beautifully. No stopping the party to change locations.

Their wedding was high in the style stakes with a pastel colour scheme, largely pinks and greens, which had a pretty and fresh spring feel.

My favourite photos from the day

Oh. My.

Crochet hook. Genius.

We created these group photos in the bathroom as there wasn’t room in the bedroom. A moment where even I doubted my sanity as I pondered posing these lovely ladies in all their finery between the toilet (camera left) and bath (camera right). But Laura didn’t seem at all phased by my suggestion. So glad she trusted my madness!

Laura had worked her timings for getting ready to give me time to capture her preparations and some portraits as well as get some shots with James, his Groomsmen and the guests arriving. It’s lovely to have photos of the build up to the ceremony from both points of view.

The civil ceremony took place in the Drawing Room. My co-pilot Abby had arrived by this point and we photographed the ceremony from opposite sides of the room. The bay windows in the Drawing Room gave us plenty of space to sniper from and get those intimate photos without being distracting.

The roof over the front entrance to Rushton Hall is a brilliant vantage point for photography. It’s ideal to get a group photo of everyone of course but I particularly love capturing documentary photos from up there while people are spilling out into the courtyard straight after the ceremony.

Dinner was in the very splendid Great Hall…

The speeches, as always, were one of my favourite parts of the day to photograph with just the right mix of tears and laughter.  All the speakers were confident, seemed to thoroughly enjoy making their speech and gave me plenty of ‘photo pauses’ when they stopped to laugh along with everyone. Perfect subjects!

The evening party was in the Pavillion which James and Laura transformed with draping and pink uplighters. The coloured lights and some photoshop magic has lifted these photos from how they would otherwise have been.

Tips for couples planning a similar wedding

  1. Pick a wedding photographer you can imagine being friends with. The experience you have will be all the better for it.
  2. A second photographer isn’t always necessary to get photos of both of you before the ceremony. It’s sometimes just about getting the timings right. Ask your photographer if it’s possible to create a timeline that allows both
  3. If you’d like a photo of all your guests together make sure you choose a venue with enough space and an elevated position for the picture to be taken from
  4. It can be hard to get flattering speech photos when the speaker is talking and looking down at their notes. So make sure to pause, look up and smile at everyone every now and then
  5. Consider mood lighting to enhance your evening reception location. Colour coordinated uplighters can transform a space and bring a funky party look to your photos.

Are you getting married at Rushton Hall?

Yeahhh! Good choice!

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