Jonathan & Emma’s autumn wedding photos at Rushton Hall

February 8, 2015

Introducing Mr Jonathan and Mrs Emma, who got married on a perfect autumn day at Rushton Hall…

About Jonathan & Emma

Jonathan, Emma and I first met at one of Rushton Hall’s open days. Right from the beginning it was clear that they’re laid-back and share a wicked sense of humour but are also soft spirits. They’re openly encouraging of each other; using pet names to show affection and moral support during their ‘formal’ photos was very sweet to witness.

They were all about getting married rather than planning a wedding but still wanting their day to be faultless they pretty much booked all of their suppliers from Rushton Hall’s recommended list, which gave Jonathan and Emma the reassurance that they could simply leave everyone to it and enjoy a fuss-free day.

We had lots of fun working together but like many couples they were quite bashful about the thought of having their photos taken. But we had fun working together and shared lots of laughs which made things easier for them. The formal photography was kept to a minimum though so that they could be in the moment and enjoy the day as it came as much as possible.

Jonathan & Emma’s wedding style

Jonathan and Emma’s choice of sumptuous rich reds was bold but put together in an understated and modest way. The simplicity worked well and packed a punch without being overpowering. The splash of magenta from the orchids made the red feel elegant and feminine too. It was striking but unfussy and suited their down-to-earth characters, the time of year and the grand surroundings of Rushton Hall.

Jonathan & Emma’s wedding photography

Jonathan & Emma decided to start their photography with photos of everyone arriving at Rushton Hall. It was one of my favourite parts of the day to photograph; the atmosphere was palpable with excitement and anticipation as friends and relatives greeted each other and last minute preparations were made.

The ceremony was held in the Drawing Room.

The moment that Emma realised Jonathan was wearing her red lipstick!

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon and warm enough to be outside so the drinks reception took place in the Courtyard. I savour days like this knowing that cold winter weddings are just around the corner.

Jonathan and Emma wanted their drinks reception to be a time to enjoy so kept their list of group photos very short. Just immediate family, Bridesmaids and Groomsmen. They’d booked Alan Hodge too, he’s a fantastic Toastmaster and particularly good at gathering guests for photos, so we sped through the formalities but still found time to have fun.

I spotted Jonathan and Emma enjoying a quiet moment together in the Library before dinner. There’s usually a few minutes between all the guests having found their seats and the couple being announced into the room. It’s something I always look out for but make sure to stay right out of the way and photograph discreetly so that it remains a private moment.

Dinner was in the imposing Great Hall and the evening party was held in the Cellar Bar. Both were relaxed affairs and reflective of Jonathan and Emma’s personalities. There was a touch of tradition with the speeches but their croquembouche ‘cracking’ was a little more unexpected and great fun. They decided to do what suited them for the evening too, with informal background music instead of a loud band or DJ, which meant everyone could enjoy time chatting and catching up.

Tips for couples planning a similar wedding

  1. Don’t be afraid of colour but be careful to pick a colour scheme that complements your venue’s decor. That way everything will look cohesive and your photographs will be much stronger for it.
  2. Weddings are best enjoyed ‘in the moment’. Group photos are important but not so important that you’ll want to miss actually enjoying your day. Chat to your photographer about how you can balance these two things.
  3. A Toastmaster’s role goes far beyond introducing the toasts. They will work behind the scenes with all your suppliers to make everything run like clockwork. Book Alan Hodge. Simples.
  4. Don’t feel that you have to do things because they’re traditional. If you don’t like wedding cake, have something different. If you want to be able to chat with people in the evening without shouting and having a sore throat the next day, then perhaps put an iPod playlist together.
  5. Choose your suppliers as a team. People who work together regularly will be that proverbial well-oiled machine that will give you the peace of mind you need to relax and enjoy your day.

Are you getting married at Rushton Hall?

You’ve made a cracking choice! It’s one of my favourite places to work!

If you’d like to find out why I think it’s so great, check out this page with more information about my wedding photography at Rushton Hall.


  1. Angela on February 13, 2015 at 9:09 pm

    Lovely rich colour theme without being overpowering, flowers gorgeous and oh yes, the photographer did another good job!!xx

  2. Sarah Vivienne on February 15, 2015 at 7:32 pm

    haha, thank you! Anna’s flowers are always great; I’m a little bit in love with her. xx

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