Luke & Liz’s winter wedding at Kelmarsh Hall

Luke & Liz’s wedding was our first of 2014 and got the year off to an exciting start.

They chose Kelmarsh Hall to celebrate their wedding. We’ve photographed quite a few weddings there and it remains a firm favourite. It has lots to offer for wedding photography; it’s an absolute goldmine.

About Luke & Liz

Photos are really important to Luke and Liz and they wanted their pictures to be about everyone around them as much as themselves. Our documentary wedding photography style is perfect for that. They also invested a little time for group photos and portraits of the two of them but wisely asked their Ushers to gather guests for confetti and group photos to maximise the time spent on photography.

Luke and Liz are both very visual people who appreciate good design. Liz is an architect and was drawn to the strong use of architecture and light in my wedding photography, which suits a venue like Kelmarsh Hall, where architecture and garden design are a big thing, perfectly.

Luke and Liz and their families have an inate ability to draw people in, to make you feel welcome and part of the party. It’s always an honour to photograph a wedding but even more so to be allowed in emotionally and to be treated as guests. Wedding photography gets taken to a whole new level when that happens as you get to know the people very quickly and can better understand what’s important to them. That allows us to create photos that will be more personal and more meaningful.

At the church for example, Luke’s parents unwittingly reminded me of the importance of spending time photographing people other than the couple. Luke’s Mum emotionally recounted how they didn’t have a wedding photographer as money was tight and she was desperately sad not to have any photos from their wedding. I’m pleased she felt comfortable enough to tell me because I was then able to dedicate extra time to capturing both candid photos and portraits of all the VIPs that day. As a wedding photographer I know the theory. Being married myself I value my own wedding pictures. But sometimes you need a stark reminder of just how important wedding photography is.

Luke and Liz’s wedding style

Luke and Liz chose a classic, pretty style for their wedding. Being winter they loved the idea of jewel colours and picked a deep purple as their main colour but Liz was keen for it not to be overpowering and combined it with shades of lilac and ivory to break the harshness and add texture.

Liz also chose purple Bridesmaid dresses with a strong pink tone to bring a softer, warmer element to the winter season.

Luke and Liz knew it would just be getting dark as everyone sat down for dinner so they had classic, tall candleabra for their table centres which made the room glow with candlelight. They kept the colours simpler in there, using just ivory and green in the flowers with just a bit of purple in the favours and table numbers, which really suited the decor of the Ballroom.

My favourite wedding photographs from the day

It was a hive of activity at Liz’s parents’ house with several generations of family getting ready together. It was quite obviously the January wedding too with Oscar the cat curled up by the fire and the flower girls enjoying leftover Christmas chocolates with The Snowman playing on repeat!

I headed off to the church about an hour before the start of the ceremony to capture some of the preparations there too – Ushers filling confetti cones, the Best Men enjoying cheeky swigs of something warming from their hip flask, late arriving guests running in before Liz arrived. It’s pure heaven for me!

The ceremony was held at St Peter & St Paul’s church in Great Bowden near Market Harborough. I’ve photographed a few weddings there now – Reverend Shakespeare is quite relaxed about photography during the ceremony and having seen me work before it meant we could work together to get the best photos possible. He happily created time for me to capture Liz waiting outside in the church porch while her Bridesmaids made last minute adjustments to her veil as well as her walking down the aisle seconds later; something I couldn’t have done without him.

It was quite cold outside so everyone headed off to Kelmarsh Hall for the reception quite quickly after the ceremony. Apart from a few family photos (which we did mostly inside for warmth) and some portraits of Luke and Liz (which we did outside on Liz’s request – brave lady!) the photography was very relaxed and all about capturing the fun and celebration.

My latest favourite Kelmarsh Hall photo!

Top tips for couples planning a similar wedding

  1. Time is the scarcest resource for your wedding photographer. Give them as much time as possible to create photos by asking your Ushers to direct guests when needed
  2. Photographs of your close family could become some of the most valuable ones. Make sure your wedding photographer knows who all the VIPs are and even if you’re not a fan of group photos, consider having just a few with your closest family and friends
  3. Choose a wedding photographer who cares about you, who you feel connected with and open up to them. Tell them what’s important to you and why. That will put them in the best position to create more meaningful photographs that are personal to you
  4. Pick a colour scheme that suits your venue’s decor. Your photos will look more harmonious if the colours go together
  5. Be prepared for the cold! Work with it not against it. Do your group photos inside in the warm to keep your guests comfortable. Have a wrap to keep warm during outdoor portraits.

Have you booked Kelmarsh Hall for your wedding?

Wow! That’s a great decision! It’s one of the best wedding venues by a long way.

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