Shooting speedboats on Lake Como

This was a commission from Aston Martin. You’re forgiven for wondering why I was working on the water for a car brand! I’ve made some magical memories as a wedding photographer. It really is a life experience.⁣⁣
I’m very grateful that wedding photography has brought other incredible opportunities with it too, and whilst weddings are my main squeeze, I shoot other things from time to time as well.⁣⁣
I flew to Lake Como recently for a shoot for Aston Martin. I can’t say too much about it other than I had the very great pleasure of joining Aston Martin and one of their clients for a weekend of celebratory fun, which included capturing the surprise moment that their rather special new car was revealed to them.⁣⁣
Yes, I got to photograph the car. Yes, I did the Aston Martin handshake. Yes, I was scared to touch it. Yes, I sat in it. Yes, I took silly selfies with it.⁣⁣
But my favourite bit was directing a family portrait session on speedboats with Lake Como as the backdrop.⁣⁣
Me, shouting across Lake Como: “Can you turn the boat to face the other way, please? Great. Next, can you go forward a couple of inches so the boat is framed by the bridge behind? Super. Now, I need our boat to rotate anti-clockwise just a few degrees so I’ve got a clear shot.” (Try that in Italian!) That’s something I’ll never forget. Who even does family photoshoots like that?! ⁣⁣

For privacy reasons, you’ll have to imagine a speedboat with a beautiful family underneath the bridge. Yes, that’s a waterfall behind it. The scenery was SPECTACULAR.

And as if the scenery wasn’t stunning enough, the sounds were something else. Everything seemed louder, somehow. The waterfall pounding the rocks, birds singing, speedboat engines roaring, champagne bubbles bursting …

But you’ll be pleased to hear it wasn’t all glamour!

The schedule was gruelling with little sleep and long days. But waking up (literally, I left the curtains open) to the stunning sight of mountains rising majestically from the mist and the sound of church bells ringing tunefully across the water at 6 am sweetened the three-hour sleep.

And luckily, Easyjet (I told you it wasn’t all glamour) didn’t charge extra for my excess eye baggage on the way back!⁣⁣
I’m such a lucky duck ????⁣

This was my second commission for Aston Martin and I have everything crossed that there will be more. Although I can’t imagine how it could get any better! With sleep, perhaps. Yes, sleep would be better.