Most Memorable Moments

May 14, 2019

I’ve made some magical memories as a wedding photographer. It really is a life experience.

It’s a paradox at times though. In terms of my own life, it’s about as anti-social as it gets. Because while my nearest and dearest are getting together for BBQs, Sunday roasts and parties, I’m usually with clients. But I’m really lucky to have super sweet couples who wholeheartedly adopt me into their circle of friends and family for a short time, welcoming me into their homes and weddings with big smiles, open arms and lots of tea. Although I’m there to work and I take that very seriously, I always feel like a part of my clients’ days.

So just as my couples make memories on their wedding day that they’ll hold dear for life, I do too.

I get to travel the world and see some amazing places. I make connections with people from all walks of life. I see lots of brilliant weddings and have a front-row seat to witness all the events and emotions that they bring. And I share in my couples’ love, which is such a beautiful gift.

And it’s not just weddings.

I’m very grateful that wedding photography has brought other incredible opportunities with it. Whilst weddings are my main squeeze, I work in other photographic genres from time to time too. I’ve shot commercial images for wedding venues and corporate photography for my clients’ companies. I’ve photographed royalty and celebrities at private events. And I’ve had the pleasure of taking bump, baby and pet photos for my couples who have gone on to grow their families.

There are so many moments I’ve experienced through milestone events in my clients’ lives that I hold deep in my heart.

It’s becoming such a long and precious list that I thought I’d collate all my favourite memories into a ‘most memorable moments’ blog post. Something I can look back on from time to time, especially when I need a smile or to remind myself of the good things on a blue day.

So here we go. My career highlights. Just a couple for now but I’ll keep adding over time…

Speedboats on Lake Como

This was a commission from Aston Martin. You’re forgiven for wondering why I was working on the water for a car brand!

Well, I can’t say too much about it other than I had the very great pleasure of joining Aston Martin and one of their clients for a weekend in Italy. I was there to capture the moment that a very special (very special) new car was revealed to its new owner, followed by a weekend of celebratory fun.

Yes, I got to photograph the car. Yes, I sat in it. Yes, I was scared to touch it! Yes, I took silly selfies with it!

But my favourite bit was directing a family portrait session on speedboats.

Me, shouting across Lake Como: “Can you turn the boat to face the other way, please? Great. Next, can you go forward a couple of inches so the boat is framed by the bridge behind? Super. Now, I need our boat to rotate anti-clockwise just a few degrees so I’ve got a clear shot.” (Try that in Italian!)

That’s something I’ll never forget. It was very special. Who even shoots things like that?!

For privacy reasons, you’ll have to imagine a speedboat with a beautiful family underneath the bridge. Yes, that’s a waterfall behind it. The scenery was SPECTACULAR.

And if the scenery was stunning, the sounds were something else. Everything seemed louder, somehow. The waterfall pounding the rocks, birds singing, speedboat engines roaring, champagne bubbles bursting …

But you’ll be pleased to know it wasn’t all glamour!

The schedule was gruelling with little sleep and long days but waking up (literally, I left the curtains open) to the stunning sight of the mountains rising majestically from the mist at 6am sweetened the three-hour sleep.

And luckily, Easyjet (I told you it wasn’t all glamour) didn’t charge extra for my excess eye baggage.

This was my second commission for Aston Martin and I have everything crossed that there will be more. Although I can’t imagine how it could get any better! With sleep, perhaps. Yes, sleep would be better.

This one makes me wanna shout!

You just sang that, didn’t you? And now there’s a 50% chance you have it stuck in your head. Soz.

It was a huge honour to photograph Lulu performing at a 60’s themed private party. And unlike photographing gigs and concerts from a photo pit, I was right there with Lulu.

Imagine me fangirling at the front of the stage, grinning like a giddy child and singing along loudly while taking photos. That’s amazing access for a photographer. Such a treat.

But not only that … she’s a sensational singer and it was a joy to listen to her sing while I worked. What a voice. And incredible energy. I loved every minute.

And I especially loved that she came on stage with a mug of tea! We could definitely be friends.


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