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Castle Ashby wedding photography

Ready for romantic wedding photography at one of Northamptonshire’s most stunning wedding venues?
Welcome to weddings at Castle Ashby Walled Garden.

Getting married at Castle Ashby is more than just a wish come true for any loved-up couple … it’s romance, elegance and tranquility personified. Especially for the wedding photographer lucky enough to shoot it!

… And to think: This is someone’s back garden!

Set in the heart of the countryside, Castle Ashby is overflowing with flora and fauna (from meerkats to mini ponies!) The more you look, the more you see. And I’ll happily be there as your wedding photographer to capture the relaxed ambiance of being surrounded by nature in The Walled Garden.

A bride in the Orangery at Castle Ashby in Northampton
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The gallery

Grab a coffee and enjoy Castle Ashby Gardens from the comfort of your couch with my gallery of faves...

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Five reasons you’ll love Castle Ashby for your wedding photography

  • 1 You can get married in the church on the grounds, which is a Jimmy Choo-friendly walk from The Walled Garden. You’ll enjoy classic church ceremony photos followed by natural shots of you leading your guests pied piper style from church to drinks reception.
  • 2 The versatile gardens and grounds boast all styles of backdrops for portraits and group photos. We can showcase your love story amidst the Orangery, Italian gardens, arboretum, greenhouses, lake, stone bridges … and, yep, even the meerkats can have a guest appearance in your wedding photos.
  • 3 The most beautiful orangery you ever did see (with a pond that’s home to 100 fish) makes a great covered spot for wet weather formal photos that still have an outdoor look and feel.
  • 4 Castle Ashby combines luxury and stately with relaxed charm that suits my classic, natural photography style. There’s amazing architecture amongst nature - full of structural symmetry and natural shapes that’ll look incredible in your wedding photos.
  • 5 Pets are allowed! Yippee! You know I’m all over that and will, happily, capture your fur-fam celebrating your wedding with you.
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Bride on terracotta bridge at Castle Ashby
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My experience at Castle Ashby

Castle Ashby hasn’t offered weddings for several years, but *sound the klaxon*, The Walled Garden can now host tipi and marquee weddings. I’m so excited I might burst!

I’ve yet to shoot a wedding at Castle Ashby - but Daisy, Poppy and me are regular visitors. We love walking in the luxurious but laid-back gardens before cuddling up with a coffee (for me) and gravy bones (for the fur-ladies).  Daisy and Poppy have led me all over the estate - there isn’t an inch they haven’t made me sniff out with them! – and we now know it like the pads of our paws.

But your wedding won't be my first rodeo at Castle Ashby. I’ve captured pre-wedding portraits, bridal fashion - and even a marriage proposal at Castle Ashby (she said "yes"!).

And when Castle Ashby’s wedding planner rang me to ask if they could recommend me as one of their wedding photographers, I truly did try to keep my cool.

Spoiler alert: I failed.

The Walled Garden at Castle Ashby is just too incredible for a wedding photographer like me not to fawn over!

Will you be my first Castle Ashby wedding photography couple?

A bride by a fountain at Castle Ashby Gardens in Northampton
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Pre-wedding photoshoots

Just when you think there can't possibly be any more photo opportunities at Castle Ashby... along come engagement and pre-wedding shoots! Here's a taster...

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Psst! Want to find out more about my wedding photography?

A bride standing in an archway at Castle Ashby in Northampton
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Psst! Did you know *this* about Castle Ashby?

  • 1 The house is a built in a E-shape – in celebration of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth I
  • 2 The stone lettering parapet is in latin and based on the 127th psalm – “"Except the Lord build the house they labour but in vain they who build it; except the Lord keep the house the watchman waketh but in vain"
  • 3 The walled garden was originally a (very large) kitchen garden
  • 4 The driveway is almost four miles long
  • 5 The pond in the orangery is home to over 100 fish