Photography of Wedding Details

I confess! I’m a bit of a magpie when it comes to weddings! #understatement

I love photographing all the little details that add style, colour, character and a personal element to the day. Photographed well, details like this add a whole extra layer to your wedding photography story, like punctuation to make you take a breath every now and then.

There’s a lot to look out for: the venue, food, drinks, music, entertainment, shoes, table plans, rings, flowers, invitations, favours… although it’s different for every couple. Sometimes there are lots of handcrafted elements and other times it’s all about the flowers. Whatever you choose to make your day yours, rest assured I’ll spot it and save it forever.

But I get that it’s not about details as ‘things’.

It’s what they represent that’s important. I don’t always know the story behind the details but my intuition tells me there will be a story and meaning to the couple. Some of my favourite personal touches to photograph have included:

The venue surrounded by bare trees clearly showing that it’s winter because the couple got engaged at the same venue a year ago to the day.

The time on the church clock as the bride arrives proving forever that she arrived on time. She’s known for always being late.

Confetti cones made from the pages of Farmers’ Weekly in honour of the couple’s farming heritage.

A tiny black cat figurine tied to the Bride’s bouquet. This was also carried by her late grandfather during the war as a good luck charm.

Now I’m thoroughly emotional. Oh dear.