Wedding Photography Style – Kids Being Kids


Children make amazing subjects for wedding photography

‘They’ say never work with children and I think one reason for that is because they can be so unpredictable. But to me, as a documentary wedding photographer, that’s just the best thing!

Kids don’t care about etiquette. They don’t care that they’ll have to walk down the aisle with grass stains on their white outfit because they’ve fallen over while playing tag around the churchyard. They don’t care that the bride arriving at church isn’t an appropriate time to scream for a biscuit. They don’t care that you want a photo to put in a frame on the mantlepiece. And they don’t care that they’re meant to look like they’re enjoying themselves. I love that authenticity and capturing it is a joy.

Let children play and capture them naturally

If you try too hard to twist their arm into putting their shoes back on, having their hair smoothed then standing still while everyone stares and shouts at them to smile, they’ll quite likely end up red-faced with anger or tears, or both, and you’ll end up feeling just as frustrated!

If you’re keen on including them in some group photos, it’s wise to take them early on in the proceedings while they look their best. Then it doesn’t matter what they get up to after that. This tends to be a happy compromise between getting ‘nice’ photos of them and keeping everyone sane! But don’t force it if they don’t think posed photos are such a great idea!

Bring on red smartie-stained lips

… and grass stains on shirts, bare feet, tousled hair and squashed flowers. That’s real life; true to the day and true to their characters. Photos of kids being kids will be perfect because of the imperfection and will elicit stronger memories than a staged picture ever could. Looking back on them doing forward rolls on the grass and running around with their shirts hanging out will be a much happier and more powerful photo than one with a screwed up crying face.

Here are some of my favourite photos of children at weddings …

DIY play fort – wedding style. Winner gets two pieces of wedding cake.


L: “Hurry up – it’s our turn in the play fort now!”

R: “Oh no – did mummy leave the hair straighteners on at home?”


“I don’t think she got the memo that on Saturday’s we wear stripes.”


“Mum, you have something stuck on your head! Here, I’ll help.”


Naps wait for no man. 


They’re cute, but they’re not very good at hide and seek.


“Knife? Check. Fork? Check. Adorableness? Triple check. But where’s my dinner?”


“I spy with my little eye: Somebody taking a photo of me!”


“Grown-ups sure do talk a lot.”


This is what happens when you ask kids to smile for the camera. #wouldntchangeathing


“I swear these fit me last week.” #growingup


L: There’s always one person who makes friends with the resident pet.

R: Staying up high to prevent people from stepping on his blue suede boat shoes.


“What?! There’s no food here?” 


“Mum, stop showing people my naked baby pictures. Please.”


“I wonder if this is like Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak …”


Happily collecting dad’s beer for him.


“Hi, I’m George, I’ll be your Uber driver today.”


Tom ticked ‘plus three’ on his wedding invitation.


The moment Harriet truly realised what wedding babysitting duties really involved.


Some guys really do have to get dragged down the aisle.


“More putt, less broom, dear.” Daddy told her.

And the big kids …


Stop! In the name of love.


When connect four becomes competitive hurdling. Do you think he made the jump?


The bride deserves the first bite, right?