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Your wedding turned the page on a new chapter. … Now let’s capture the rest of your story.

The curve of a belly bearing the newest member of your family.
A candle-lit cake with everyone in full attendance.
Children growing quickly, adults changing slowly,
and special moments that’ll sit proudly on the mantelpiece for generations to come.

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Pass me the tissues, I can picture it all already.

One of the best parts of having your wedding photos taken is that you now know just how much the camera loves you.

(Which is more than Kanye loves Kanye, by the way.)

But why stop there? Why shouldn’t you chronicle and preserve more of your special moments and memories?

Hint: The answer is, “There’s no reason why I shouldn’t, Sarah!”

Which is why your curious mind has guided you over here to my portrait photography page.

(Such a clever mind.)

So … what’s the deal? How does it work?

My portrait sessions are available exclusively to my wedding clients (I told you that you were special!) and allow me to capture more special moments and stories of your life together.

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Just like with my wedding photography, you can expect:

  • Beautiful photos that feel like epic stories preserved in time.
  • Images that reflect you and capture your unique personality.
  • Zero awkwardness. No cheesy poses. Nothing contrived. Pinky promise.
  • A relaxed atmosphere. We already know – and adore – each other. This is going to be easy (and fun!)
  • Natural light. Which means beautiful photos that are fast and fuss-free. Swoon.
  • Unconditional patience. I’m a pro working with kids (and animals) … and, okay, very stubborn – I *will* get that perfect shot!
  • Plenty of support before, during and after your session. Your shoot will unfold naturally, but I’ll be there to provide gentle direction when needed too.

What kind of occasions are portrait sessions suitable for?

Any and all!

But if that answer feels a little vast, here are some occasions perfect for portraits:

Maternity photography in Lamport

Maternity portraits.

Bub is blossoming, and your cheeks are glowing. It’s that beautiful anticipatory time just before your little one makes their grand entrance into the world. Things won’t ever be quite the same again – in a good way! Preserve this life-changing time with beautiful maternity portraits of you and bump. You can come alone or with your partner (and bundle your portraits up with a new-born shoot for a special discount.) Photos best taken at 32 to 36 weeks of pregnancy.

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New born baby photography in Brixworth

New-born portraits.

Tiny toes, button noses, wrinkles and still curled up sleeping like a frog. You can’t keep them little forever … but you can immortalise this memory! My new-born portraits are done in the comfort of your own home with everything you need at hand. No need to pack up everything and the kitchen sink for your shoot (and still managing to forget your bubba’s favourite bunny). There’s nowhere more precious than baby’s first home; cuddling on the sofa together as three. Photos best taken between five and 15 days old.

Lifestyle portrait photography in Paulerspury

Kids being kids.

They make your house – and your life – a mess, but there’s no doubt it’s a beautiful one. Press ‘pause’ and capture them as they are, right now. Let’s take them out for a couple of hours, allow them to explore and play, get rid of some energy, and I’ll take natural photos of whatever happens. It could be a picnic in the park, hide and seek in the woods, sandcastles and splashing at the beach or exploring some local sights … Whatever it is, I’ll make sure it’s an enjoyable experience that they can’t wait to tell everyone about! It’ll be fun-filled, happy and relaxed; no worries about bribing them to cooperate, just let them be them and I’ll capture the best of it.

Family photo shoot in Lamport

Family events.

Grandpa turning 80? Your niece getting her first tooth? A cousin arriving home from overseas? Or maybe just a fun family trip you’d like to remember for years to come? Let’s fill up your memory box with your special family events and moments. You’ll be too busy having fun to notice the camera and afterwards you’ll marvel how it wasn’t like a photo shoot at all.

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Horse and dog portrait photography in Harlestone Firs

Pet portraits.

Their lives are short, but their hearts are big. They’re your furry best-friends with you through thick and thin. Now it’s their time to shine in the spotlight! As a fellow fur mama (high-five) my shoots are very dog-friendly. Squeaky toys and cuddles included complimentary.

Where are your portrait photos taken?

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You’re unique, so your photos should be too! Which is why all your photos are taken on location where you can relax and be yourselves. There’s no limit of four walls, one white background and a routine of churned-out poses. (You know me better than that.)

Instead, each shoot is bespoke and inspired by real-life, in the moment. There’ll be authenticity in spades, plus a relaxed environment that makes you feel comfortable and at ease.

The result? Natural photos unlike anyone else’s.

Portrait session prices

Portrait sessions are £450, including post-production and digital images.

Have your heart set on bump & baby shots? Book both together and you’ll be eligible for a special rate of £695.

Albums and prints also available (price on application).

Family photos at Castle Ashby

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In case I haven't made it quite clear enough, I absolutely LOVE our photos! I can't stop looking at them, but then that's what your photography does to me, and that's why we chose you for our wedding and why I wouldn't have had anyone else photograph our new family.”

Cliff & Beth Milne

Family photos at Castle Ashby
Family photos at Boughton House

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“Thank you thank you thank you for my wonderful photos. I will treasure them always.”

Lisa Brack

Family photos at Boughton House
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My camera is ready. Are you? Whether you want to make and capture special memories, treat your husband/wife or create some photos for Christmas gifts, I’m here to tailor your perfect portrait photo shoot experience.

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