Dan & Becky’s pre-wedding shoot at Castle Ashby

June 19, 2015

One question people often have about a pre-wedding shoot is what’s the point? If the formal photos are such a small part of our wedding photography why do we need to spend an hour taking more before the wedding?

The biggest reason is to save time on your wedding day.

I think your wedding portraits are important and should be done really well but I also think they should be done quickly so that you can spend as much time as possible with your guests. To do that we’ll need to get into the photos really quickly. A pre-wedding shoot will help us bypass two things that might otherwise slow us down: nerves and unnecessary variety.

So, those nerves. A pre-wedding shoot will help you feel more relaxed about being photographed and give us a chance to ‘bond’. You need to feel confident, let your guard down and be yourselves to help me get real emotion and natural, relaxed expressions in your photos. We can’t do that as strangers or if you’re on edge. If you’re chilled out and in the mood before we start we’re in the best position to get great photos. The time we save on ‘warming up’ is more time for the magic to happen. Allowing time for unplanned photos to unfold often leads to the best pictures.

And cutting out the unnecessary? A pre-wedding shoot will give us a chance to try things out in a completely relaxed enviroment with no time pressure. We’ll be able to try out a whole load of different poses and looks so you can tell me what you like best. Then on your wedding day I can get straight on with what I know you’ll like rather than taking up precious time creating lots of variety ‘just in case’.

Dan and Becky, like most of our couples, booked us for our documentary wedding photography but were sold on a pre-wedding shoot when they considered how it would help them enjoy their wedding more. They warmed up pretty quickly and I love how their relationship and personalities shine. I can’t wait to do it again with the extra emotion on their wedding day!

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