Rob & Anna’s pre-wedding shoot at Castle Ashby Gardens

April 18, 2015

It’s hard to imagine someone as sweet as Anna as a sourpuss. But she said she was so nervous about having her picture taken that by the time the morning of the shoot came around she was in meltdown mode! So much so, that she forgot to pack her outfit in the car as they left London and had to buy a new one en route!

Nerves about being photographed are normal so having a pre-wedding shoot is a great thing to do. It’s good to get the jitters out of the way before your wedding.

We met at Castle Ashby Gardens for the shoot. It works really well for photos like this. It’s got lots of great backgrounds to choose from and plenty of space to find privacy away from gawking onlookers. It’s also a great place to explore which helps to take your mind off things.

Rob & Anna just went with the flow and soon relaxed. They’re one of the cutest couples going, full of spirit and love, with eyes that twinkle and playful personalities that suck you right in. I couldn’t help but get caught up in their giddy excitement.

Want to know what a pre-wedding shoot is?

You can find out more about what a pre-wedding shoot involves and the benefits of having one on this page.

Are you getting married at Castle Ashby?

Make yourself a lovely cuppa, grab some chocolate and settle down to find out why I think Castle Ashby is so great for wedding photography.

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