I rely on recommendations to find new clients, so you can be sure that you matter more to me than anything else.

But see for yourself; grab a cuppa and read these reviews to see what other couples thought.


William & Jill Archer

We were absolutely desperate to secure Sarah as our photographer!

We chose Sarah because once we had secured our venue and having seen her photography there, we were in awe of how beautiful the photos were. Even before we met, her emails seemed so lovely and friendly, it made us want her as our photographer even more!

Sarah’s calming influence put us completely at ease during both the engagement shoot and on our wedding day. Our photos are absolutely beautiful, incredibly professional and we genuinely couldn’t love them more! Despite the fact that Sarah has photographed at Boughton House on numerous occasions, our photos are unique and personal to us.

Her work is truly stunning and not only is she a fantastic photographer, she’s such a lovely person. A number of people commented on this on our wedding day, whilst others commented they didn't notice a photographer at all, let alone a team of three! I think our favourite part of the whole experience was seeing our photos for the first time. The way the story unfolded was magical, we felt like we were reliving the day all over again. The little touches during the whole process were so thoughtful and appreciated. I won’t spoil the surprise but this really made the whole experience so special.

We really can't think of anything she could have done better. She was truly faultless!

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Mark & Emily Carter Morris

Two photo-phobes set out on a mission to find a special someone who could capture the true feel of our wedding day

Where to start? Two photo-phobes set out on a mission to find a special someone who could capture the true feel of our wedding day, minimal posed photos but maximum attention to detail and boy, did we choose well. Sarah came recommended to us from both our venue and a very close friend. I had admired Sarah’s discreet approach and professionalism at their wedding and felt she would suit our day too. I can honestly say we could not have found anyone better. From the moment I met Sarah I knew she was perfect. Her warm and friendly manner, but completely organised and professional approach, was fantastic.

Sarah was a complete star in the run up to the wedding. When there are so many other stresses, we felt we could completely trust that Sarah would capture our special day in a manner which suited us. Nothing was a problem and that was hugely appreciated. The big day arrived and we did not have the best weather. Sarah was such a trooper; standing out in the rain balancing umbrella & camera whilst getting wet through, without a second thought!

She completely exceeded our expectations and we feel very blessed to have had Sarah as part of our day. All in all, if you’re looking for a wedding photographer who offers you stunning photography, listens and understands what you want, shows a true enthusiasm to be part of your day and offers that personal touch from the moment you book

— look no further!


Colin & Hannah Sibley

The whole experience was everything we needed it to be.

We considered not having a photographer and relying on the photos taken by our guests on their phones (yes, this was a serious idea!). However, we had a chance meeting with Sarah at a close friend’s wedding which she was photographing, and that was it, we were sold! We both really liked the non-intrusive way in which Sarah and her team worked, which was really important to us.

The whole experience was everything we needed it to be. Communication was quick and clear, meetings to discuss our needs were well-timed and reassuring and the advice given was obviously based on the wealth of experience and expertise that Sarah has. She was a massive help in working out realistic timings for the whole day – not just for the photography. Seeing our pictures for the first time was the pick-me-up we needed. We had just come back from our honeymoon and were suffering from post-wedding/honeymoon blues!

Before the wedding, we genuinely only had two photos on display in our home of the two of us (and those were hidden away in our bedroom). We have 19 of Sarah’s photos around the house (which is not including the three photo canvases on the wall leading up the stairs, the pictures on my phone case and the ones featured in the calendar on the kitchen wall!). Personally, I don’t often like photos of myself, however, I LOVE our wedding photos and we have had so many compliments on them. We both enjoy being surrounded (quite literally) by so many beautiful reminders of our wedding day.

In the words of Colin’s Granny, the photos were “Perfection”.