Our biggest fear... 

... when finding a photographer was that the photos might turn out to be a little bit cheesy or tacky, and lack that professional finish. We were also worried that a photographer might not give clear enough direction, or tell us just to 'do our own thing', which could have resulted in some awkwardness and the photos not capturing the day in the natural way that Sarah did. This definitely did not come true!

Our photos are absolutely beautiful, incredibly professional and despite the fact that Sarah has photographed at Boughton House on numerous occasions, our photos are in no way a regurgitation of anybody else's, they're unique and personal to us.

Sarah’s calming influence put us completely at ease.


We initially had some reservations about the pre-wedding shoot, but we were so thrilled with the photos and having had the experience of being photographed with one another, we knew what to expect on the day, and Sarah’s calming influence put us completely at ease during both the engagement shoot and on our wedding day. The fact that she asked us to choose our favourite photos from the engagement shoot just shows how she tailored our wedding photos to suit our likes and preferences, and we genuinely couldn't love them more!

We were absolutely desperate to secure Sarah as our photographer!

We chose Sarah because once we had secured our venue and having seen her photography in some of the albums that they showed us, we were in awe of how beautiful the photos were. We were absolutely desperate to secure Sarah as our photographer! Even before we met, her emails seemed so lovely and friendly, it made us want her as our photographer even more!

Her work is truly stunning and not only is she a fantastic photographer, she’s such a lovely person. A number of people commented on this on our wedding day, whilst others commented they didn't notice a photographer at all, let alone a team of three!

I think our favourite part of the whole experience was seeing our wedding photos for the first time. The way she put the slideshow together and let the story unfold was so magical, we truly felt like we were reliving the day all over again.


We are so pleased we chose to have two photographers.

It let us both see what the other was up to in the morning before the church, and the way they captured the preparations was so lovely to see.

The little touches during the whole process were so thoughtful and appreciated. I won’t spoil the surprise but this really made the whole experience so special.

If anyone was unsure about booking Sarah for their photos/video, we would in no way hesitate to tell them how thoroughly amazing she is and to have NO doubts about booking her at all.


We really can't think of anything she could have done better. She was truly faultless! Perhaps she could have had a word with the weather man to have made the sun shine for us.