Rich & Tori’s wedding at All Saints church in Rushton

June 24, 2013

One of my worst nightmares came true on the morning of Rich and Tori’s wedding. I was ill with food poisoning. Imagine my terror. For the first time ever I had to put into action my back-up plan of calling on my network of superstar wedding photographer friends.

I’m not going to lie; at the start of the day I had no idea whether I’d make it at all but plan Z soon kicked into action and I thankfully made it through the day thanks to adrenaline and a poker face.

The biggest thank you has to go to David (my second photographer) for being so flexible on the day and to Helen for arranging last minute childcare (at 7am!) to be there to share the workload and step in should I have needed to make a hasty exit at any point!

The hardest thing was keeping up with the physical demands of wedding photography having had nothing to eat or drink; so big thanks to Antonia at Rushton for the hot sugary tea. I was buzzing after that! I’m also grateful to Garry Smith (fabulous Toastmaster!) for his support and unwavering sense of humour which made me giggle through it all.

As it turned out Rich and Tori had three professional wedding photographers covering their day. Hoorah for photographing from three angles in the church!

About Rich & Tori

Rich and Tori are smart, collected and inordinately organised. Alongside their poised presence are two warm-hearted people with a wicked sense of humour and a penchant for cocktails.

Right from our first meeting I knew Rich & Tori would be organised and make their wedding planning a breeze.

They wanted a traditional wedding but with an easy-going atmosphere. They wanted the day to run smoothly and to be proper and elegant, but not stuffy. They wanted to be able to relax and enjoy themselves and for their guests to have a great time too.

So in their cool and calm style they planned the perfect wedding but handed over the reins to a toastmaster on the day itself to run everything as they wanted.

They chose a toastmaster (Garry Smith) with a very contemporary, low key approach. Garry was simply there to look after everyone and take care of the things that needed taking care of. He did a great job of bringing order and timeliness to the day without ever being in the limelight.

A few things tested Rich & Tori’s resolve in the lead up to the wedding and on the morning itself (me being ill for one!) but they took everything in their stride and had the refined, fabulous, fun day they had planned.

Rich & Tori’s wedding style

The village of Rushton in Northamptonshire is close to Rich and Tori’s hearts so it was an easy decision for them to get married there. They chose to have their ceremony at All Saints Church and their reception at Rushton Hall.

The styling was all about the teal and the cocktails.

The floral inspiration came from not wanting anything too flowery. Dee from Hocus Crocus went for the simple clean lines of calla lillies for the bouquets and buttonholes.

The unusual table centres were manzanita trees adorned with orchids and crystal bead drops which were changed to fabulous ostrich feathers to create a cocktail lounge vibe for the evening.

Rich and Tori’s love of cocktails inspired the table names and, oh so theatrical, flair cocktail bar.

Everything was tied together with a teal colour scheme. Tori spent a lot of time trying to find things in the correct shade, especially the stationery, but it certainly looked as though it was time well spent.

My favourite photos from the wedding

Because I was poorly, David, who would otherwise have started later to photograph Rich getting ready, rearranged his plans to start earlier and document Tori’s preparations at her Mum’s house. Meanwhile the imodium did it’s thing and I made it to capture Rich and his Best Man preparing at Rushton Hall & The Thornhill Arms. Helen was alongside me to step in at any point!

I’ve photographed lots of weddings at Rushton Hall but this was my first visit to All Saints church. It didn’t disappoint!

The Vicar there, Catherine, is one of loveliest vicars I’ve ever worked with. She was all smiles which made us feel very welcome and she went out of her way, moving microphones and showing us around, to make sure we got the best spots to photograph from. She was very understanding that there would be three of us working to photograph the ceremony. I elected to shoot from the back (near the door for obvious reasons!).

Tori & Rich had their drinks reception in the courtyard; which is a great space with high vantage points for a group photo of everyone.

Tori and Rich had invited lots of little wedding guests who seemed to have the best time doing what kids do…

The speeches were particularly full of emotion and great expressions…

The evening was all cocktail shakers and liquor bottles. mmmm mojitos.

With thanks to Garry for holding the flash for this :)

Tips for couples planning a similar wedding

  1. When meeting wedding photographers as part of your research always ask what will happen if they can’t make your wedding. You don’t want someone who will just call to say they can’t make it.
  2. Plan and organise as much as you like in the lead up to your wedding but on the day itself let things unfold naturally. That way you’ll look relaxed in your wedding photos
  3. Just as every wedding photographer has a different way of working, so do Toastmasters. Pick one who will work in a way that suits your wedding
  4. Give your wedding suppliers a clear brief of the kind of atmosphere and look you want to create and let them use their experience to recommend ways to execute it
  5. Think of the things you both enjoy, like Rich & Tori’s love of cocktails, and find creative ways to incorporate them. It will make your day will feel personal and very you.

Is Rushton Hall your wedding venue?

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