Rob & Anna’s wedding at Wadenhoe House

Rob & Anna’s wedding was a day of contrasts: heavy rain and bright sunshine, serious vows and fantastic fun. I had a ball photographing it.


About Rob & Anna

Rob & Anna. Bert & Ginge. Two of the sweetest people that a wedding photographer could hope to work with.  Rob fell for yoga bunny Anna’s natural beauty and big heart. She has a huge love for her family, friends and everyone’s pets. Rob is Mr Sociable, Mr Charming, Mr I’ll Eat The Scorpion At The Bottom Of The Vodka Bottle. They both have a playful, whimsical nature and love to giggle and lark about together.

Anna is a PR (Pocket Rocket would be an appropriate alternative term!) Manager and, in Rob’s words, “is an organisational force of nature”! So naturally she did a lot of the wedding planning but the day was very much about the two of them. There was a serious bit, of course, but everything else was built around having a jolly good party. Their genius entertainment included a coconut shy, a giant buzz-wire, Splat The Rat, drunken rounders, Anna in her wedding dress at the top of a three person high human pyramid and a pick ‘n mix gin cart. I don’t think they could have crammed any more fun into their day.

Rob & Anna wanted to avoid anything contrived in their wedding photos. They wanted a wholesome, classic, natural approach. They wanted some formality but dreamed mostly about having animated photos of everyone enjoying themselves. Dream clients.


Rob & Anna’s wedding style

Rob & Anna went for a classic and romantic look with soft pastels and pretty roses. Elegant but nothing too done. Anna’s bridesmaids each chose their own hairstyle and wore fresh flowers in their hair. The boys looked dapper in grey suits with subtle white waistcoats and soft green cravats. Dinner was in a marquee which was decorated beautifully with country flowers, miles of bunting, homemade sloe gin and macaroon favours, table numbers presented neatly in white frames and a mouthwatering buttercream cake.


Rob & Anna’s wedding photography

Anna got ready with her bridesmaids at her parents’ house. One of the most beautiful things about the preparations is seeing how excited everyone is and how much love they have for the Bride. It’s a wonderful time to see and be part of.


Rob and Anna chose to have a second photographer so that they could have photos of both of them getting ready. Steve tagged along with the boys who got ready at The Talbot Hotel in Oundle.


Rob & Anna had a church wedding at St Mary’s church in Woodnewton. It’s particularly meaningful to them because on the other side of the road is the house where Anna grew up. It’s personal stories like this that make me fall more in love with being a wedding photographer each time I hear them. Understanding the reasons behind my couple’s choices for their wedding helps me make their photos as meaningful as I can (although I am a bit nosey too!).


The reception was at Wadenhoe House, near Peterborough. By the time we arrived the rain had stopped and the sun was shining brightly so everyone enjoyed drinks and garden games on the lawn.

Rob & Anna kept their list of group photos short so these were done quickly and because they decided not to have a receiving line we did their portraits while everyone was finding their seats for dinner. That meant Rob & Anna were only away from their guests for around 15 minutes. It’s a really great use of time.


The speeches were a masterclass in less is more. They were packed with wit, interesting stories and emotion. Anna’s brother Chris made a touching speech which made me think of Beatrix Potter watercolours. Rob’s speech was a crowd pleaser and got a standing ovation. In all the years I’ve been a wedding photographer I’ve never seen a speech get a standing ovation! It was from the heart and Rob held nothing back in sharing his feelings for Anna. There was so much energy in the room that the satisfied groans and affirmations around the room made me think of something going down really well in a House of Commons debate! Rob’s Uncle then presented Rob with his Great Grandfather’s sword. He would never talk about the war but kept his sword with the umbrellas in the hallway; always there to see. Like a reminder for when you’re having a bad day that there have been worse times. There weren’t many dry eyes. Three tough acts for Best Man John to follow but he knocked the ball out of the park. They were some of the best speeches I’ve heard and a pleasure to share.


After dinner there was more fun and frivolity on the lawn. What could be better than a pick n mix gin cart and drunken rounders in the golden glow of the sunset? The sun set a little too soon and it was time for Rob & Anna’s first dance and another chance to see how into each other they are.


Tips for couples planning a similar wedding

  1. Sometimes it’s easier to think about what you don’t want when you look for a wedding photographer. Look at wedding photographs and ask yourself how you’d feel having those photos.
  2. If you want your photos to show your day as you experienced it, keep the formal pictures to a minimum and spend your time immersed in the day.
  3. Abandon the time consuming receiving line in favour of a longer drinks reception where you have quality time to speak with your guests rather than rushing them through. Then use the time that you would have spent on the receiving line for your portraits.
  4. The more you tell your wedding photographer about your plans and why you’ve chosen those things, the better placed your wedding photographer will be to make your photos as meaningful as they can.
  5. Add a second photographer to your booking to get a more balanced story with photos of the Groom getting ready, a second point of view during the ceremony and more thorough coverage of your guests.