Gary & Jo’s wedding in the Great Hall at Rushton

September 12, 2012

Gary and Jo are just the loveliest couple and great fun to be with, so Lola and I had a ball photographing their wedding. The day ran like clockwork which meant there was plenty of time to capture everything they wanted without rushing. Happy little wedding photographer me!

Gary and Jo had a civil wedding ceremony and reception at Rushton Hall. We’ve photographed more weddings here than at any other venue so we know it well but never get bored. There’s still so much I’d love to do there.

Jo spent the morning in The Oak Bedchamber getting ready. It has dark wood panelling and many clients worry that it might not work well for photography but quite the opposite is true. It’s spacious with fabulous windows. You just need a photographer who knows how to work with the type of contrast bright light and dark panelling produces ;)

Gary and Jo’s civil ceremony was held in the Drawing Room…

Giving your daughter away is an emotional moment for Dad’s.  But the tears turned to laughter when Jo’s Dad said the wrong words when giving her away!

A stunningly stunning venue with lots of great spots for wedding photography…

Gary and Jo’s wedding breakfast was in the grand but cosy setting of The Great Hall…

The evening celebrations took place in The Pavillion. It’s a modern extension and not an obviously photogenic space but I love that sort of challenge…

Are you planning a wedding at Rushton Hall?

I’d love to hear from you if you are! It’s one of my regular and favourite venues – I love it!

But first, you might want to check out why I love Rushton Hall so much and see more weddings I’ve photographed there :)

And if you like what you see, please give me a shout!


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