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Pop the bubbly –
 you’re getting married!

Bring on the dreamy dress, dapper suit, stunning flowers, delicious wedding cake and beautiful wedding photography.

But, if you’re like a lot of my clients, that last bit probably makes you feel at least a little conflicted.

On the one hand, you’re all for capturing your love story with natural photos so you can spend your day having fun and making memories.

On the other hand, you do want some posed pictures of the two of you, and you want those done beautifully and quickly.

But then, the idea of having your photo taken makes you squirm.

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  • “Posing” feels like a swear word
  • You have no clue what to do with your hands/face/self in photos
  • You manage to always blink JUST as the camera clicks
  • Every selfie is filled with double chins and squinty eyes
  • You smile too much in photos
  • You don’t smile enough in photos
  • You feel too big, too small, too tall, too short or too much
  • You’re self-conscious about capturing your best side.

… Please know that you’re not alone.

Having your photo taken can be such a big fear for many people.

Everyone has something they don’t like or don’t want to be highlighted in photos.

But the good news is: We can all feel confident in front of the camera and look good in photos! It’s just about getting comfortable and learning how to have your photo taken.

Which is where I come in.

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I’m your resident pre-wedding shoot whisperer!

I’m here to help you enjoy being photographed and create photos of you that you’ll actually like (with your eyes open and everything).

I’ll even help you figure out how to go from ‘oh god, no photos!’ to ‘take one of me from this angle, please’.


Meet your pre-wedding shoot!

It’s like a dress rehearsal for your wedding photography ... but way better because you’ll walk away with a bucket load of confidence in front of the camera, some gorgeous photos and be posing like a pro in your honeymoon photos!

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Want to see real-life couples who went from camera-shy to camera-confident?

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Need more ammo to convince your partner?

Check out these articles about how a pre-wedding shoot can make both your wedding day and wedding photos better.

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Your pre-wedding shoot experience

Here’s the deal:

You bring the love and an open-mind. I’ll bring the fancy camera and the gentle guidance. The most important thing for you to wear – your heart on your sleeve.
Don’t worry about spending hours googling poses and practicing your facial expressions in the mirror.

I promise:

You’ll experience an easier, more natural (and more fun!) way to feel relaxed in front of the camera.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • An expert photographer (me!) with a calm personality that sets you at ease.
  • A casual walk and chat where you can relax and be yourself while we get to know each other better (and I take some shots of the two of you).
  • As much or as little guidance as you need to help you look your best. This might mean showing you how to stand, where to look, how much to smile and what to do with your hands. Or it might simply be letting the two of you bring all the love and cuddles while I nudge you into the right light.
  • Pro tips to help you pose as a couple. Great for helping selfie pros learn how to pose as a pair.
  • A variety of different looks. From very informal, where it’s as easy as walking along holding hands, through to simple, classic images that your parents will love and even fashion magazine-esque styled shots. We can experiment and explore what you like best.
  • When we’re done, we’ll have a cuppa and toast to your success!

Two weeks later, you’ll receive your photos and you can tell me what photos you liked and which ones made you cringe.

Come your wedding day, your feedback will allow me to get straight on with things I know you’ll like and that will suit you, rather than spending precious time creating lots of variety.

And that means more time for you to party!

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Where your pre-wedding shoot will take place

You can choose to have the shoot at the farm where my office is, your wedding venue or another location that’s special to you. It’s up to you!

If you’re hanging around with me at the farm you can meet my neighbours – a friendly dog who loves to play fetch (warning: Don’t throw her ball! Or else you’ll be there forever!), a cheeky Shetland with small person issues and a stable full of horses who whinny while I’m working.

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I believe in the power of a pre-wedding shoot so much that I’ve created a special discount for my wedding photography clients.

I love to see couples go from, “Oh no – put away the camera!” to, “Oh my – I really enjoyed that”, so I make an investment in this too.

  • For wedding photography clients

    ...................................................................... £325

  • For non-clients

    ...................................................................... £450

Please note: Additional travel charges may apply for shoots that take place outside of Northamptonshire. For other locations, just let me know where you have in mind and I can send you a quote.

We were so thrilled with the photos and having had the experience of being photographed, we knew what to expect on the day, and Sarah’s calming influence put us completely at ease. We genuinely couldn't love the photos any more! 


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Curious what happens on a pre-wedding shoot?

Grab some popcorn, settle in and watch this behind the scenes video of me shooting Fred & Sasha’s pre-wedding photos.

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Craving more?

Come hang out with me and browse my collection of past pre-wedding shoot photography.

Cover image for blog post about Tom & Jo's pre-wedding shoot
Pre-wedding shoot | Tom & Jo
Cover image for blog post about Fred & Sasha's pre-wedding shoot
Pre-wedding shoot | Fred & Sasha
Cover image for blog post about Mike & Anna's pre-wedding shoot
Exton Park Pre-Wedding Shoot| Mike & Anna
Cover image for blog post about Dominic & Serena's pre-wedding shoot
Pre-wedding portraits | Dominic & Serena

Ready for camera confidence (and gorgeous pre-wedding shoot photos)?

Brochure - Pre-Wedding Shoot

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