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Planning a small big day?

Yay! You're in for a treat!

Because micro weddings have special ingredients, like...

  • Your favourite peeps. And chances are, everyone will know each other. Making your wedding an opportunity to celebrate every relationship.
  • A relaxed atmosphere. Less to worry about + fewer people to please = more chill.
  • You. You’ve already broken ‘tradition’ by having a micro wedding. Now you have an opportunity to do something totally different and stamp you on your day.
  • Affection. Just how special, valued and loved are the select few people you invite going to feel?

Which all makes for great photos.

Wanna see some?

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Couples who did small things with big love

Tag along with me at some real micro weddings 

Stapleford Park is well-known for large, luxury weddings. But Suzanne and Andy proved it's just as beautiful for micro-weddings.

Natasha and Richard’s Hill Farm House wedding in Brigstock was a micro wedding with a lot of super special guests. Seriously. We’re talking donkeys, llamas, and doves!

You probably wouldn’t think a small intimate wedding would be held in a Cathedral. Well, that’s exactly what Nadine and Nadeem did! When Covid ruined their original plans, they created something extra special.

Darren and Natasha had an intimate outdoor wedding at Normanton Church. It was a chilled-out day surrounded by their closest family and friends; celebrating in a relaxed environment by the waterside.

When Terry and Alison got married at Fawsley Hall almost every guest was involved in their wedding. From hairstylist to usher to MC, and some brilliant musical performers. See, at a micro wedding, everyone gets their chance to help out and be part of the magic!

Teachers Andrew and Sarah made sure their micro wedding gave them time to slow down, relax and enjoy precious time with their 30 guests. They did things their own way and had fun, games, and pizza in a beautiful English country garden after their ceremony.

Cover image for blog post about Suzanne & Andy's wedding
Stapleford Park wedding
Cover image for blog post about Natasha & Richard's wedding at The Hill Farm House in Brigstock
Hill Farm House wedding in Brigstock
Cover image for blog post about an intimate wedding at Northampton Cathedral
A small intimate wedding at Northampton Cathedral
Terry & Alison's wedding photography at Fawsley Hall, Northamptonshire (1)
Terry & Alison’s music-filled wedding at Fawsley Hall
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Micro wedding photography

Thinking there won’t be much to photograph with so few people?

I thought that at my first micro wedding too - for all of five minutes.

As long as there are people, there are photos to be taken. I’m as flat out photographing the fun and feeling of a small wedding as I am a big one. And actually, photography plays an even more significant role at smaller weddings. 

Micro wedding photos are:

  • An opportunity to capture not just the wedding, but the family ‘being a family’ 
  • A way to help the people who couldn’t be there, to feel as though they were

“Sarah, do you do anything differently at a micro wedding?”

Not really. I still:

  • Listen carefully to make sure you get exactly what you want
  • Work in my usual calm, discreet way. (You’ll see me from time to time - because with less people around there are less places to hide - but I’m not an idiot, I know how to behave.) 
  • Get butterflies about doing a great job for you
  • Capture anything and everything to tell the story of your day… natural 'in the moment' pictures, portraits of the two of you, some family groups and all the little details

Inkling for more insight?

Two reactions in one wedding photo
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Choose your own adventure

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Ready to find out more?

Drop me a message to get a tailored quote and ideas on how your photography could fit into your day.

And while you wait for my reply…

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Micro wedding inspo

Immerse yourself in the world of micro weddings

Want to know what makes a micro wedding so special? Wondering which venue to choose? Curious whether the size of your wedding makes any difference to the photos? Looking for ideas to make your day fun, personal and memorable?

Explore these articles to find out why micro weddings are the new big thing...

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The thing about intimate wedding photos
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Intimate wedding venues in Northamptonshire
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The joy of intimate weddings
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Psst! Every small wedding needs a small wedding album

 And I have just the thing...