St Giles House, a Dorset wedding venue

One of the things I love most about my job is that I get to travel and see different wedding venues around the UK.

And I knew I’d love St. Giles House even before I went.

But it enchanted me more than I imagined.

Because lusting over amazing photos on Instagram is one thing. But St Giles House has a palpable feeling which you can only experience in real life.

I can’t think of anywhere else quite like it.

It has a long history and was sadly left to ruin after the second world war. But it’s gradually being restored. And sympathetically so … just enough decaying details have been kept and turned into a feature, adding depth to the decor and drawing you into the history of the house.

I mean, how many venues can pull off exposed roof timbers, bare brick, uncovered floors, chipped paint, wallpaper hanging off the batons … and call it luxury?! It’s a fine line and one they’ve drawn with impeccable style.

If perfect imperfection is your thing … you’ve just found it.