Stewart & Laura’s spring wedding at Boughton House

Stewart & Laura were blessed with perfect Spring weather and the stunning surroundings of Boughton House for their wedding. Boughton House has had a place in Laura’s heart since she was little and now she & Stewart live close by. It’s tucked away in the Northamptonshire countryside and is largely hidden by ancient oak trees and high stone walls, except for a glimpse beyond a white picket fence which they drive past on their way to work every day. It was an easy choice for their wedding venue.

About Stewart & Laura

Stewart and Laura work for the same company. Stewart knew of Laura and thought she was beautiful but couldn’t find the right words to start a conversation. One day he was driving to work and thought he saw Laura in the lane next to him but realised it couldn’t be her because she would have been in the wrong lane. The next thing he knew he was being cut up by a crazy blonde! The next day he gave Laura a copy of the Highway Code. Conversation started!

Laura has the most infectious bubbly nature and radiates joy. Stewart’s face sparkles when he sees her happiness. I was immediately drawn to them at our first meeting; they’ve got a magnetic aura that draws you in and makes you want to talk with them forever. All of our meetings over-ran with chatter!

With laid-back, fun-loving, thoughtful-to-the-core personalities their day was always going to be about making sure their guests had as a good a time as they did. And true to themselves their wedding was fabulously fun and really relaxed with the traditional touches and glamour they dreamed of.

Stewart & Laura’s wedding style

Stewart and Laura wanted their wedding look to be special but not weddingy. Untraditional but aesthetically pleasing. Laura’s heavily beaded Jenny Packham was the perfect dress for this and so much thought went into all the decor. They chose a dessert table to give the cake a polished finish, lovely thick letterpress stationery, soft florals which made me think of raspberry ripple ice cream, only prettier, with swirls of deep pink, blue & purple and neutral chairs which they hired in to make the room feel lighter and bring the look together.

Stewart & Laura’s wedding photography

Laura got ready in a hotel close to Boughton House, which is where my day started. She chose a spacious suite with lovely light, which are the foundation of great getting ready photos.

There was a buzz in the air as I arrived at Boughton House (after nearly ditching my car en route to get a shot of the House beyond the white picket fence!). Toastmaster Alan Hodge was welcoming guests and Ariella Strings were warming up in the Great Hall. It’s a brilliant time to be part of because it’s so full of anticipation and energy as people greet each other.

Laura loves paintings and has a dream to study art history so it was fitting for her and Stewart to be surrounded by grand works of art and historic tapestries as they got married.

The signing of the register is one of the things that Stewart and Laura will always remember and laugh about. Stewart, ironically a legal eagle with a keen eye for detail and accuracy, signed his name in the wrong place. An easy mistake to make but one that required a bit of time to resolve. The moment below of Stewart and Laura lovingly leaning in to each other was them hatching a plan to abandon the register, get the party started and worry about whether they were actually married or not later! Everything was sorted out there and then though and they were soon on the way to their happy ever after. I’m sure they’ll deal with all of life’s curve balls in the same style – with positivity and togetherness.

There was lots to enjoy during the drinks reception: bubbles, canapes, beautiful gardens, a string quartet, giant jenga and chess. Stewart and Laura wanted to enjoy it with their guests so allowed two hours to do so. This was a wise move given the delay with the register signing because it meant they still had a good amount of time to enjoy themselves as well as get the formal photos they wanted even though it was cut short.

Stewart and Laura decided against a photograph with everyone. No matter how quick and efficient your Ushers or Toastmaster are, it does stop the party and interrupt the natural flow of a wedding. They were committed to a few photos with their close family and bridal party though and with Toastmaster Alan Hodge’s help these were super speedy and relaxed.

Dinner was in the newly converted Tapestry Suite. It’s a lovely light space, self-contained and best described as brick meets Farrow and Ball! It used to be part of the service quarters and still has original plaster-work with shopping lists carved into it!

Early evening was wonderfully warm with the kind of low in the sky, golden light that I love as a wedding photographer. It’s dramatic but without the harsh under-eye shadows and squinting. Laura’s bouquet toss was really fun and then everyone enjoyed the last of the day’s warm sunshine with coffee and chocolate brownies on the lawn before an evening of dancing and celebration back in the Tapestry Suite.

Tips for couples planning a similar wedding

  1. Think about how much room you’ll need for getting ready. You, bridesmaids, parents, taggers along, hair stylist, make-up artist, photographer, videographer plus everyone’s clutter. A large space, with room for everyone to do their thing, without getting in each other’s way, will make the preparations feel calmer and give you photos with tidier backgrounds.
  2. Allow plenty of time for your drinks reception. More often than not drinks receptions are cut short because the ceremony is delayed. Dinner can’t be moved without spoiling the food so planning some spare time is a good idea. Better to have longer than expected to enjoy yourselves than have rushed photos or no time to be with your guests.
  3. Throw your bouquet! It’s so much fun. If you want to keep yours in good condition for preserving, you could throw a bridesmaid’s bouquet instead or ask your florist to make a copy.
  4. Be true to yourselves, relax and have fun. It will show in your photos.
  5. Book suppliers who you can imagine being friends with. Stewart and Laura chose a stellar team of professionals who like to giggle as much as they do, which brought a sense of fun to the preparations and formalities but still allowed them to shine.

Are you planning a wedding at Boughton House?

Yay! Great choice!

In that case, you might enjoy feasting your eyes on this page full of info about wedding photography at Boughton House.