Sywell Grange tipi wedding

I sat down to write this blog post, over an hour ago. Since then, I’ve done everything but write this blog post. I made a cuppa, played chase around the house with the pups, and scoffed three rich tea biscuits. I’ve scrolled through Facebook, checked my inbox, and looked at holiday cottages. I cuddled the pups, tidied my desk, and dunked two more rich teas in my earl grey. And I’ve lost count of the number of intros I’ve started and deleted.

Because, overwhelm. A word that sums up not only how I’m feeling about writing this post but also how I felt about this photoshoot.

It’s an editorial shoot at Sywell Grange, and it started life as a tiny seed of an idea – a conversational comment from Jenna at Jenna Claire Stationery about wanting to do a naked tipi inspiration shoot. Well, we (Teepees & Tents, Julia Dilworth Florals and me) were all over that idea. And that seedling grew. It grew and grew and grew. And it grew until it was a six-hat set-up needing a team of around 30 people to make it happen!

Usually, one or two people style and produce editorial shoots like this. But not this one. This shoot was a true team effort; with everyone contributing ideas and sharing the organisational workload. With a lack of weddings due to Covid restrictions, it was just what we all needed – an outlet for our pent-up creativity.

Time ticked on and plans fell into place. New ideas and team members flooded the Facebook group chat daily. And the pressure mounted to create some great images. So much so that as the shoot day came closer, I found myself saying: “Let’s not add anything else.” I’m usually over-ambitious when planning how much I can achieve, but this was on another level.

When shoot day came, I was bursting to get started and left home two hours earlier than necessary, to drive 10 minutes down the road. I just couldn’t wait to get there and see everyone.

And arriving on site is my strongest memory. There’s me, pootling along the tree-lined driveway, singing along with Eddy to Electric Avenue. At that moment, I couldn’t have felt calmer. But reaching the end, my eyes scanned a long row of suppliers’ cars – and I thought, wow, all these people here to make this huge shoot happen. After all the virtual planning it was finally real. Then, just beyond the cars, I spotted the tipis… which took my breath away. I had a little cry in the car at that magical sight; it was unexpectedly emotional. Yeah, inspo shoots in the time of Covid.

And just as I felt the pressure of doing everyone’s work justice in the photos, I’m feeling the pressure of doing it in words. So I’ll go for the easy option and let the photos take it from here.

If you’re dreaming of a laid-back outdoor wedding, then make yourself a fresh cuppa, grab some biscuits (you’ll need a few), and curl up on your sofa with this… because things are about to get pretty.

And if you stick around until the end, you’ll find a special treat… a video by Zade Film Co. I promise: You don’t want to miss that. Team credits at the end too.

Zade’s film was a tough act to follow. I highly recommend checking out his work if you’re looking for a videographer. Incredible work, a lovely guy, and super easy to be around.

Are you planning a wedding at Sywell Grange?

I’d love to hear from you whenever you’re ready. And in the meantime, you might like to check out my portfolio and read more about my wedding photography.

Creative team

Venue: Sywell Grange | Photos: Sarah Vivienne | Video: Zade Film Co | Tipis: Teepees & Tents |Styling & Table Décor: Nerissa Eve Weddings | Furniture & Props: More Production | Glassware & Cutlery: Wren Prop Hire | Florals: Julia Dilworth Florals | Stationery: Jenna Claire Stationery | Food: Portfolio Events | Bar: The Occasion Bar Co | Dress: Courtyard Bridal Boutique | Groomswear: The Vintage Suit Hire Company | Celebrant: My Perfect Ceremony | Cake: Deliciously Divine Cake Design | Hair: Love Laura Hair Design | Hair accessories: Vivi Embellish Bridal | MakeUp: Lucy Whitfield | Models: Shaun & Funso via Gingersnap