Things to tell your wedding photographer – episode 1

May 23, 2019
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The ‘why’ is more important than the ‘what’

As a wedding photographer, I get to know a couple quite quickly. I love finding out how they met, how the proposal happened and what they love to do together. Having that understanding helps me capture unique photos for every couple.

So when it comes to planning sessions before the day and while I’m working on the day itself, I’m much more of a listener than a talker. I want to hear all about your plans. But the thinking behind your plans is what guides me the most.

When I first met with Pat and Liz, Liz told me that their wedding cake was really important. If we left the conversation there I might simply take lots of static photos of it from every conceivable angle. But as we chatted more about cake (one of my favourite topics BTW) Liz said that it’s one of her favourite things to eat. (I knew then they were ideal clients!). So what I really wanted to capture wasn’t just the cake, but a love of eating cake.

As always, it’s the natural documentary photos that tell the real story. This sequence of photos of Pat and Liz, cutting into their cake and then actually taking a slice to share there and then, and then Liz coming back for sneaky seconds, show much more about their love of cake and sense of fun than a static shot ever could.

Pat & Liz have a daughter now and I love that she’ll be able to look at these photos one day and get a glimpse of her parents’ story.

So when you tell me what’s important to you, tell me why as well. That way I can capture the most meaningful photos, for you and for future generations.

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